Romance Books

Hello, It's Me by Wendy Markham In The Best Interest of the Child by Felicia Denise That News Guy by Jenn Nixon Gypsy Duke by Felicia Mires Pacific Cove: Testament of Faith (Pacific Cove Short Read by J.E. Grace

Fiction Books

The Remorseless Queen by Susan Appleyard WOMAN IN BLUE AND WHITE by Janet Doolaege Call of the Waters (Elemental Realms Book 2) by H. L. Burke Dangerous Perceptions:  Unintended Consequences by STUART MURRAY Dead On Arrival by Sherry Lewis

Humour Books

The Falstaff Vampire Files by Lynne Murray The Last Space Cadet: Ariel Hope Chronicles 1 by G.P. Moss Caution: Witch in Progress by Lynne North Doc's Codicil by Gary Jones Slice of Home, Slice of Life by Richard E. Davis