Romance Books

Save Me (The Me Series Book 2) by D.R. Grady Murphy's Law of Vampires (Love at First Bite Book 2) by Declan Finn The Lipstick Diaries by Lori Soard Intrigue In The Summer Court by Mistral Dawn Engaging (Alluring Book 2) by Sarah Curtis

Fiction Books

Queen Mallaegania and the Valley of the Demon by Maurice Hardy The Illusion of Guilt by Stephen Jay Red Ground: The Forgotten Conflict: Massacres in Sierra Leone by Ken Fry Protecting You (A McCord Family Novel Book 1) by Amanda Siegrist The House on Persimmon Road by Jackie Weger

Fantasy Books

Lore: The Old World by Chad T. Douglas Sahmara by Jean Davis Pursuit of Truth: The Kesher Chronicles, #1 by Sarah Wallin-Huff Destiny Finds Her (Destiny Series) by Miranda Lynn Phantasyland Tales by Marian Parisher-Nichols