Romance Books

The Truth and Nothing but Lies by Chéri Vausé Finding Home by Jackie Weger The Pass Through by Gloria Herrmann A Serenade with Beauty: A Kurdish Love Story by Beth Mikell Slightly Single by Wendy Markham

Fiction Books

Possessions of the Human Kind: Saga Chapter One by Aimée Marie Bejarano For Love of Him by Prince Bradford Transpirations by P.S. Winn Finding Home by Jackie Weger The Walls of Freedom (The Changing Earth Series Book 3) by Sara F. Hathaway

Fantasy Books

Awakened (Soul Shifters Book 1) by Sennah Tate Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand by K.T. Munson The Bride by Kacie Taylor Orbs of Trenihgea : Science Fantasy Romance (Rites of Heirdron by various Starrella Falls (Secret Supers Book 2) by Aurora Springer