Science Fiction Books

The Forgotten by Joshua Noon The Phoenix Codes (The Phoenix Series Book 2) by L. Sydney Fisher Campanelli: Sentinel by Frederick H. Crook From Filth & Mud by J. Manuel HEADSHOTS: a Battlefield Z series by Chris Lowry

Humour Books

No Perfect Destiny by Jackie Weger The Amazing Wolf Boy by Roxanne Smolen A Familiar Problem: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy (Northern by Sharon Karaa An Alien's Guide to the Human Species by Deb McEwan Brane Child: A Science Fiction Counter-Fantasy (Adventures of by D.L. Morrese

Young Adult Books

The Bug Boys by Stewart Hoffman Ascension - Part 1 (Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies by Chris Seabranch Demoniac Dance (The Goblin Series Book 2) by Jaq D. Hawkins A Mathematical State of Grace: Book Two: Finale: Fusion by Cathy McGough The Stones by Rachael Tamayo