Childrens Below 12 Books

Off The Wall by Jillian DiGiacomo DREAMTIME SERIES: Rhyming Stories by Susan Swain Janoose the Goose by J.D. Holiday Jason the Penguin: (He's Different) by Deb McEwan PandalmoniA by Rachel Jane

Short Stories Books

Totally Losing Face And Other Stories by Hillel Groovatti The Black Dog by Kimberly Gilliam Byars Wisdom of Fools: Stories of Extraordinary Lives by Phil Harvey Annie Acorn's 2015 Valentine's Day Treasury (Annie Acorn's by Annie Acorn The Beginning of the End: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 2 by J.K. Norry

Fiction Books

The Salem Strategy (Horror in a Hurry Book 1) by F.R Maher Your dirty little secret (Black Guys and Gals Book 4) by Marianna Nemeth Happy to Serve: Blog posts from Chuck (The Floor 17 Cafe) by Christopher Mentzer The Black Fox: Run for your life... (Lambeth Group Thriller) by Gordon Bickerstaff Something Buried, Something Blue: A Lily Dale Mystery by Wendy Corsi Staub