Childrens Below 12 Books

One Night at the Shelter by Barbara Morgan Zombie in the Basement by Brian Parker Poems for Kids and Me by Jessie Best Have fruit salad for your birthday and keep having more. ;) by Sarah Butland Squirrel Wars by Jane Finch

Fiction Books

Dark Charity (United Earth Charity Book 1) by J.L. Higgs Rescue Mountain by Rebecka Vigus The Fire-Bird Syndicate (Wicked Marionette Book 2) by Alan Smith The Dacque Chronicles by Doug Simpson Shattered (Soul Shifters Book 4) by Sennah Tate

General Books

Whatchamacallit? Thingamajig? (Granny's In Trouble Book 1) by Julie Seedorf A Complete by Robin Murphy My Butterfly Cancer by Marguerite Madden Pat Ruger: Caribbean Shuffle (Pat Ruger Mystery Series Book 2) by Jack Huber Sami The Magic Bear: The Best Christmas Present Ever! by Murielle Bourdon