Young Adult Books

Paradise Girl by Phill Featherstone Second Son (The Minstrel's Song Book 2) by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt Down into the Darkness by David Carter Grist Vergette's Curious Clock: The Great Adventure is About to by David Carter Sticks and Stones by Angèle Gougeon

Fantasy Books

Knowledge Protects (The Nememiah Chronicles Book 5) by D.S. Williams Flight of the Elves (The Mountain Elves of Kali Book 1) by Cathbad Maponus Rise of the Erlachi: A Hickory Lace Scifi Fantasy Adventure by PJ McDermott The Gateway Series (Book Bundle): Aiden Jenson Presents, The by Aimée Marie Bejarano The Dragon Chronicles: Book One: Learning by D.R. Grady

Action & Adventure Books

Beyond Destiny (The Afterlife Series Book 3) by Deb McEwan Pirates of Mars (The Pirates Series Book 2) by Chris Gerrib Dragon's Debt (The Dragon and the Scholar Book 2) by H. L. Burke Angels In Mourning by David Wind Battlefield Z The Collected Adventures: Volume One (Battlefield by Chris Lowry