Crime Mystery Thriller Books

It Was Only On Stun! (Convention Killings Book 1) by Declan Finn Midnight and the Masked Demon by Richard Combs The Case Of The Disappearing Corpses: Inspector Cullot Mystery by Alan Hardy Tunnels by P.S. Winn Deadly Dating Games by Joanie Chevalier

Romance Books

To Miss The Stars by Barbara Lieberman Live and Let Bite (Love at First Bite Book 3) by Declan Finn Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems (Cindy's Crusades Book 1) by Susan Jean Ricci Serenya's Song (Tallenmere Book 2) by Mysti Parker Slightly Married (Slightly Series Book 4) by Wendy Markham

Fiction Books

Bachelorettes on Parade by Felicia Mires The Prophecy (Peace Child Book 1) by Gill James Irresolute Amber Eyes: The Occuli, Book Three (The Occuli Book by Christie M. Stenzel Crow Girl by JB Trepagnier Sleepwalker (Nightwatcher) by Wendy Corsi Staub