Fantasy Books

Enduring Armageddon by Brian Parker Dark Secrets by Mikki Smith The Spirus-Belisarus' Diary by JB Trepagnier The Doll Maker's Daughter at Christmas by ID Johnson Earthshine by Chad T. Douglas

Young Adult Books

Lotus Blood (Lotus Blood Series Book 1) by Dean Norton Unmasked (Rise of the Masks Book 1) by EM Kaplan Fissure (Chronicles of the Interred, Book Two) by Marilyn Almodovar Rise of the Erlachi: A Hickory Lace Scifi Fantasy Adventure by PJ McDermott Fibbin' Archie by Gill James

Mixed Books

A Murder Is Foreseen (The Anya Harding Series Book 1) by Tracey Wickham Blue Moon Rising (The Mercrutian Chronicles Book 2) by Zara Steen Miracles Not Included by C.A. King Trespass (P.I. Johnson Carmichael Series - Book 1) by Stephen Edger Fiddler's Fling by Linda Wood Rondeau