Fantasy Books

Hunting the Beast (The Darkness Series) by A. S. McNair The Infinite Expanse (The Journals of Krymzyn Book 2) by BC Powell Living with Fire: Book 3 of the FIRE Trilogy (Elemental by Devika Fernando Leiyatel's Embrace (Dica Series Book 1) by Clive S. Johnson The Secret of Lion de Belfort (#3 Wizards' Secret Service) by George A. Kos

Fiction Books

Bromholme - A Place of Miracles and Murder by Jane Finch Lore: The Old World by Chad T. Douglas Killing Instinct (Michael Sykora Novels Book 3) by Darcia Helle Curse Breaker: Darkens by Melinda Kucsera Only Twelve Days by Eileen Thornton

Science Fiction Books

BATTLEFIELD Z  SWEET HOME ZOMBIE by Chris Lowry WarWorld: Shadows & Dominions by Steve Downes The Freezer (Genesis Endeavor Book 1) by David Kersten The Kota (The Kota Series Book 1) by Sunshine Somerville The Last Space Cadet: Ariel Hope Chronicles 1 by G.P. Moss