Fantasy Books

The Weight of Darkness (The Darkness Series Book 1) by A. S. McNair Pretty Flamingo by Perry Martin Conguise Chronicles:  The Rise of the River-Man: Mutter's Story by L. S. O'Dea Immortal Flame (Eternal Mates Book 1) by JF Holland Wolf in the Shadow: The Annals of the Shadow Walkers by Lissa Dobbs

Fiction Books

Allie Strom and the Sword of the Spirit (Bringer of Light Book by Justin Sloan Lamentations from Sikaman by James  Amoateng Slither by Valarie Savage Kinney Sleep Tight: A dark, gripping serial killer thriller with a by Caroline Mitchell Fang and Claw (The Undead Unit Book 1) by Markie Madden

Mixed Books

Saying Goodbye (What the World Doesn't Know Book 1) by Mahima Martel The Abattoir of Dreams: a stunning psychological thriller by Mark Tilbury Losing Heart by Donna Brown Life is Funny That Way by Sharon Lopez No Time Like the Future (Rocket Riders of the 27th Century Book by Michael Moreau