General Books

Emilia (Family Portrait Book 3) by Christa Polkinhorn Suppression: Based on a true story by P.S. Winn Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer) by Victoria Valentine Break Down Your Walls: Be the Person God Created You to Be...Be by Sharon Shabinaw Five Steps by TIM I  GURUNG

Action & Adventure Books

Benghazi and Beyond (An Isaac Jones Thriller) by various Beyond Farwin Wood (Blinney Lane Book 2) by Drea Damara Gamers and Gods II: MACHAON by Matthew Kennedy The Lost City - BOOK 1 -  Journey to the Lost City: The Search by Ben Hammott Reanimate by Sophia Whittemore

Fiction Books

R.A.E.C.E. Genesis by Geoffrey C Porter Craving Soldiers: Who Doesn't Love A Man In Uniform (Craving by various A Timeless Heartbeat by Cherry Seniel Redemption: a gripping conspiracy thriller (Mark Baines Book 2) by Stephen Edger Dragons of Jade by Jean Lauzier