Have You Read?

Siam Storm: A Thailand Adventure by Robert A Webster

Giggling like naughty schools kids each time they talk about their upcoming holiday to Thailand; Spock and Stu hope it entails plenty of booze, parties, raunchy sex with acorn coloured skin beauties, and balmy day’s chillaxing while drinking cocktails on warm sandy beaches... Boy, are they in for a shock!
When a golden box containing the dental remains of the Buddha is stolen, with its Warrior monks murdered, the Elders send the surviving Warrior monk to retrieve the holy relic.

The Guardian Lineage by Seth Z. Herman

Protect gargoyles during the day? Check.
Escape exgirlfriend trying to kill you? if new crush is enemy spy? Uh... still />Life is about to change for fifteenyearold Mike Prior. He's to become a Guardian, a protector of the gargoyle clans. With all the promise of sorcery, kinetic powers, and magicaldueling, the new gig sounds awesome, for sure. 
Except for a few minor details.
First, his exgirlfriend. Seems she's trying to kill him. A shame, considering how well things had been...

Song of Sirens (The Mercrutian Chronicles Book 3) by Zara Steen

Everything changed when The Depths attacked. Now Anya and Merrick are caught between who they want to be and what they must become. Warrior and Sealatian mermaids are on the rise, uniting for the common cause of protecting Atlantis. Yet Anya remains cautious, there's more to this story than what Forica and Baye are willing to confess. Can she trust Zale and the rest of them?......

Death Changes Everything (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 4) by Linda Crowder

The chill in the air isn't the only change October is bringing to Casper, Wyoming. Jake Rand, local attorney specializing in juvenile cases, is being courted to run for county attorney and a killer is stalking one of the city's leading families. With Casper's only homicide detective out of commission, Jake and his wife Emma, a therapist in private practice, step in to crack the case. Will the accidental detectives be able to keep the killer from striking again?
"Death Changes Everything"...

No Justice (Michael Sykora Novels Book 1) by Darcia Helle

Michael Sykora never intended to become a hitman. But when the justice system failed, murder became the best option. Now someone he cares about is in trouble, and he will stop at nothing to protect her.

Ascension Within: A Story of Angels & Fallen-Angels (Fallen by Julie Nicholls

The story continues from book two, Angel Within, where we left Eloise in a state of unrest at Kai’s disappearance. Can Eloise save Kai? If she does, is he going to be the same man she fell in love with? Or will he revert to his old persona? Confused by overwhelming emotions of despair and betrayal over losing her lover, Eloise finds inner strength and rages with determined purpose to aid her husband’s return.
Together with her comrades and the angel, Anael, she makes her plan to...

WHERE'S MY SON? (Det. Jason Strong (CLEAN SUSPENSE Book 1) by John C. Dalglish

What would you do if your son went missing? How far would you go to get him back?

Michael Barton comes home to find his infant son gone. There's no trace of the kidnappers, and the police have no leads. Michael makes a promise to his wife and is driven to fulfill it.
Detective Jason Strong led the task force to find Michael's son, and has become his friend.
But as Michael's darkness grows, Jason fears he's the only one who can...

Golden Years 2 by various

Mic the Mouse and Shadow the dog are back and trying to help people deal with the inevitable horror of growing old. They hope that a bit of humor will make the days and years a little easier to take.......

Candles on West Parade by Lynn Whyte-Heath

Laura Ashley married Edward, a young soldier, just before WWII broke out. Together, they had three children who she raised alone while Edward fought for their freedom. As the war drags on, this becomes increasingly difficult.
When VEday finally arrives, she looks forward to Edward’s return home, and his help in raising their family. But it would be three more years before he eventually returns home for good.
Having had three more children, she finally realizes she made a big mistake...

Dark Side Of Love by Peggy Bechko

In claiming her inheritance, a sprawling ranch in a remote part of Mexico, Sirena knew she had accepted a challenge unlike any she had ever faced before. But she was unprepared for the antagonism of the dark, aristocratic Ramon Savedel, the man appointed to advise her, and worse, his domineering mother, Carlotta, patrona of the sprawling, neighboring ranch and scorned lover of the great uncle who'd left Serina his rancho..
Ramon: his glittering eyes entranced her; his brooding presence...