Have You Read?

Reaching The Summit (TNT Force Cheer Book 2) by Dana Burkey

TNT Force is one of the top ranked all star cheerleading gyms in North Texas, and for Max Turner it is a place she never thought she would call home. After a rough start to her cheerleading career, she is finally fitting in and enjoying her time practice at the gym, as well as her time performing on Blast, the gyms junior level 3 team. But, the farther into the competition season they get, Max and the other ladies of Blast are starting to falter in their elite level cheerleading. With stunts...

Oh no, I've Fallen in Love!: Warning: contains nuts. by Louise Wise

Oh no, I’ve Fallen in Love! is Cinderella modernised.
Short blurb: Medical conditions called depression and insomnia play the ugly sisters. A kitten is cast as the glass slipper, a middleaged, domineering woman, is the fairy godmother, playboy Lex is Prince Charming, and in the centre of it all, is Cinderella –Valerie Anthrope. And she’s the only sane person there.
Full blurb: Valerie Anthrope has two ugly ‘sisters’ called Depression (aka Curse) and Insomnia. Curse causes the...

Dreadwolves: Alpha Warrior (Dreadwolf Series Book 2) by Marie Pennington

The Aztecs are at it again. Only this time the priest has a new cohort in crime. But what happened to his other one?
Someone in the Aztec community has had a change in heart, but who, and why?
Teyacapan has a new love in her life. Her only problem is she'd rather be a wolf. But is it truly a problem for the man she loves? After all he's not your ordinary man.
Cortez is ready to confront Moctezuma about his priests but who will convince who whether or not the sacrifices are...

Men With a Mission: Trained, Vigilent, Confident by Gordon Smith

With the introduction of Conscription in the 1960s, it was realised that Australia’s defence forces would now have access to a wider pool of talented men, other than those that normally volunteer for service.
Major Jack Roberts was tasked by the defence department to form a small group from the National Servicemen to take on some unique tasks.
He chose three young men that had shown signs of being able to work with anyone from different backgrounds or ethnic groups.
These three...

Fire in The Moon (The Bound Series Book 3) by JF Holland

The Bound Series, Book 3
Characters within make appearances throughout the series.
Balin Matthews has found his mate, Lana Rawlings. Unfortunately, due to her past, and their unfortunate meeting in a lap bar, Lana is not best pleased with the mate fate has sent her.
Lara, Lana’s mother is back from the dead and against the pairing, so Balin is going to have to work extra hard to win over not just his mate, but also his future motherinlaw. A situation not helped when he has a...

Reflections (Mind's Eye Series Book 2) by various

Do you trust what you see?
Right becomes left.
Up becomes down.
Distorted, unreal.
Your world looks new when you see its...

Romeo is Homeless by Julie Frayn

Yearning for more than pig slop and handmedowns, August Bailey runs away from her farm home — and from her family. In the big city, she discovers that reality and fantasy don’t mix. When her money runs out, a seventeenyearold street kid comes to her rescue. Reese has electric eyes, a gentleman’s heart—and a heroin addiction. For him, each day is a struggle to make the right choice. They fall for each other, and August wants to save him from his horrid existence. But the truth behind...

Hell to Pay (Live to Tell) by Wendy Corsi Staub

“If you like Mary Higgins Clark, you’ll love Wendy Corsi Staub.”
—Lisa Jackson
“Wendy Corsi Staub is a master storyteller!”
—Brenda Novak
“Once Staub’s brilliant characterizations and topnotch narrative skills grab hold, they don’t let go.”
—Publishers Weekly
Superstar thriller writer Lee Child calls the novels of Wendy Corsi Staub, “Solid gold suspense,” and readers who dig into Hell to Pay will discover they’ve hit the mother lode. The third...

Master of Heaven (The Legend of Sithalkaan Book 3) by J. N. de Bedout

Hordes of Minotaru zealots have steamrolled across western Japan, scattering proud families into the ashes of anonymity. To expand further, these hideous masters transformed conquered fortresses and temples into bastions of evil. No individual fief could oppose their venomous tide.
Three heroes stand in their path toward domination. Alone, they cannot win. But they have a new ally, am ambitious visionary with grandiose dreams of unification. With support from this opportunistic...

Lost Samba: Memoirs of Brazil by Richard Klein

Richard Klein was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1962 – two years before the military coup but the same year that the Rolling Stones and the Beatles recorded their first singles and the same year that Brazil would win its second FIFA world cup. Richard’s BritishJewish parents, who had moved to a booming Rio de Janeiro in the wake of World War II, and who would soon prosper. They would never, however, fully adapt to their new land, – and certainly not to either football or rock n’ roll....