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Detectives Strong and Layne are tracking a killer who's adept at covering his trail, and making their job difficult.
His targets are smart women, who should know better than to get trapped, but somehow are not on guard when they should be.
What's most disturbing is the killer's motive.
Jason and Vanessa are in a race to stop this guy, before he creates anymore 'collections'.
Edited by Samantha Gordon, Invisible Ink Editing
Other CLEAN SUSPENSE by John C. Dalglish

Infinitas (Destiny is an Adventure Book 1) by David N. Sebastian

For centuries, the world of Aeon has lived in shadow, ruled and oppressed by a great evil. The land is overrun by creatures of the dark. Its people cower without protection, without hope…until now.
Prophecy spoke of a chosen one who will bring an end to the dragon sorceress, and on that day were born two. Kali and Drake. Cousins and warriors, devoted to their duty and to each other. They embrace their fates. Together with their friends, Ferra and Harold, they embark on a perilous...

No Time Like the Future (Rocket Riders of the 27th Century Book by Michael Moreau

In the time of the Federated Worlds combat and commerce are the domain of a rough and tumble group of rocketmen known as the Service. These brave souls form the backbone of the interstellar economy, riding rockets to all corners of the Milky Way and her neighboring galaxies. Another part
of that economic system is Interplanetary Holdings and their newest installation is Aelous Station, a secure facility located deep within an area of space known as The Crux where faster than light travel...

Jay's Coach Learns a Lesson: What can a boy do to stop by Kamon

Jay is late for his swimming practice, which does not help to put his mother in a good mood.
Arriving in the locker room at the pool, Jay overhears his coach and a friend plotting to cheat and take some of the athletes’ sponsorship money.
What will happen?

Madeleine & the Mind by Felicia Mires

Sunny Spain and a chance for love.
Madeleine Price enjoyed her vacation to sunny Spain until someone knocks her out and steals all her possessions. Now, there's only one way for her to buy a plane ticket for home...earn the money. When the American Embassy offers her a job as a speech therapist, she assumes she'll be working with a child.
She isn't at all prepared for her reaction to the extremely virile scientist Dr. Steven Faraday, that is, until he looks her way. Can she help...

Through Golden Eyes: The Occuli, Zias' Story by Christie Stenzel

"FIVE STARS!" "A GREAT NEW BOOK BY A TALENTED WRITER!" The first short story in the Occuli series is here! A golden eyed, or an aureus, has one sole purpose in life: to protect. Raised from children to be bodyguards, these Occuli are both the fastest and strongest and are commonly used as fierce weapons. Frequently they are not what they seem however, as they can be tempted by too much power and control over those they protect. This can lead them down a dark and dangerous path. This...

Dreams Change (River Dream Book 2) by DW Davis

Michael's dream of life with Rhiannon changes when she ignores his moment of direst need.
In the second book of the River Dream series, it's been four years since high school graduation and Michael's dream of a life with Rhiannon changes when she leaves him waiting as he struggles to overcome his wounds and restart his life. Maeve, his summer love from long ago, reenters his life and a new dream begins to grow in his heart.
Dreams Change, the much anticipated follow up to River...

The Dacque Chronicles by Doug Simpson

Dacque LaRose, a retired high school teacher, is your proverbial Good Samaritan. After the unfortunate passing of his wife, a visit from his wife’s spirit and soul, in Soul Awakening, Book I of The Dacque Chronicles, propels Dacque’s entire future in a new direction. Like most of us, he had never given much thought to survival of souls after the death of our bodies, but the visit from the spirit of his beloved caused him to commence a thorough investigation into survival of souls and...

Like The Flies On The Patio by Nancy Klann-Moren

KlannMoren’s unique style and distinctive voice shine throughout this unforgettable short story
Whether in a seaside bar, a suburban garage, or a Chicago apartment, she explores the complexities of relationships, some real, some imagined.
KlannMoren’s narratives capture the tender undersides of these individuals who struggle to make sense of the turns in their lives.
These fascinating character portraits stay with the reader because of their uniqueness, and...

SCORN KILLS by Suzi Albracht

Highly successful True Crime author, Bill Branch, is hardly the sort of man that women seek out. He's short, his hair is thinning, and his waistline is out of control. So when a beautiful woman goes out of her way to seduce him, he doesn't want to say no. Of course, there is that nasty little fidelity contract he signed in blood for his father-in-law but surely that's just an inconvenient detail, or so he convinces himself...