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OF MASTERS AND SLAVES Vol. 2: Splendors and miseries of small by Kader Rawat

While settlers and slaves coming from distant regions experienced various fortunes and miseries, some are becoming rich and fortunate while others remained poor and are leading à miserable life, As time passed by, a society quite complex is revealed. We are going to follow two families settlers, rich and poor, in their daily lives, in their happiness and problem. At the dawn of a society which was still in search of its identity and at that period of slavery, tongues are being loosened,...

After the Snowfall: A Thriller by Bryan W. Alaspa

Three men are coming to town. Why do they fill everyone who sees them with fear?
The town of Darrick, Illinois, is buried in snow. A crippling blizzard has covered the small town, bringing it to a standstill. The next morning, as the residents try to dig themselves out, a strange thing is seen on the horizon. Three men, dressed in black, walk down the center of the only road in and out of town. Why do they instill fear in all who see them? What are their...

In2Minds (Book Book 1) by Theresa Snyder

A civilization established and reliant on the heat of its sun faces the total destruction of all life on its planet, when the life giving sun threatens to expand and engulf their world. Science under the Techs sets forth a plan, a potential way to save all of the inhabitants. They aim to Terra form a distant planet located across the barrier of deep space.
To instigate their program they demand a volunteer, a military man who will be sent forth with the simple aim of constructing the...

Plagued, With Guilt by Michael Jason Brandt

"Brandt plumbs the depths of suspense, pathology, and ancient history in his debut novel, at once a fierce academic thriller and a powerful meditation on humanity."—Kirkus Reviews
Two of the greatest scourges of our time—a merciless pandemic and the Islamic State—are brought to life in this powerful debut novel by foreign affairs specialist Michael Jason Brandt. Plagued, With Guilt is a contemplative tale about life and love in the face of adversity. An exposition on the frailty of...

A Flight of Raptors (Paws & Claws Book 2) by Ralph Vaughan

In this sequel to the popular "Paws & Claws: A Three Dog Mystery," Levi, Sunny and Yoda return to battle evil in the form of a gang of Raptors who call themselves the Birds of Prey. At stake is the freedom of a lost tribe of Parrots exiled from their home decades earlier. Even as the operatives of the Three Dog Detective Agency challenge the predatory Raptors, however, another peril arises, an illegal "school" where dogs are forced to fight to the death in savage gladiatorial combat. For...

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