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The Bow of Destiny (The Bow of Hart Saga Book 1) by P. H. Solomon

Fantasia Reviews 2016 Book of the Year!
Enjoy Epic Sword & Sorcery Fantasy!
"Mister Solomon has moved the ruler by which we believe indie fantasy novels should be judged. He has shown us that it is possible to write a story as great as any published by the big publishing houses" Fantasia Reviews 5 Stars
What readers say: "Unique, complex and riveting.."
"...one can almost see the trail, and fear the Trolls." Discover a story of epic fantasy!
Haunted by his past. Hunted in the...

Pathspace: The Space of Paths (The Metaspace Chronicles Book 1) by Matthew Kennedy

After failing alien technology has caused a fall of civilization, exposure to it finally produces humans capable of replicating and fixing it. In a struggle to bring together the shards of America, will it be reunification under democracy the revival of the Union? Or will it be consolidation by conquest, as a tyrant pursues dreams of empire?
As war is coming to the remains of the Midwest, the court "wizard" of Rado fights not just for his Governor, but for his dream: a school to train...

To Lean On Falling Men by Kellie Wallace

Wall Street stockbroker John Forrest thought he had it all. Beautiful wife, booming business, fast lifestyle. But when he wakes up in an open grave in the middle of the desert he begins to question his life. He has no recollection of how he got there or who wants him dead. Found by an Iraqi rebel cell, John is taken hostage and forced to broadcast his plea across Western television.
When Amber Joseph sees her boss’s scratchy image on the Internet she vows to bring him home. John...

Time Lies: A Cold War Mystery by Magnus Stanke by Magnus Stanke

The first kill was accidental.
In ‘Time Lies’, a devious mysterythriller set in Cold War Germany, a reluctant serial killer realises he has been murdering the wrong people.
But there is hope for him yet...
Karl wakes up in a locked room, a prisoner once again. But this unfamiliar place is no penitentiary. And this time he volunteered to be here.
A tragic accident took everything that was dear to Albert. Now everybody’s favourite twin sits in his wheelchair and contemplates...

Spice: A Culinary Adventure by Robert A Webster

After almost thirty years of searching, Ravuth at last feels hopeful. He thinks about the last time he saw his parents and mischievous younger brother, when the Khmer Rouge herded them off like animals along with the rest of his village. What do they look like now? He can only imagine what they have been through. Where have they been living? Does his brother now have a family of his own? Will they remember him?
With his thoughts in turmoil, his eardrums then pop and his stomach churns...

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