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Special Agent Francesca (Undercover FBI Book 1) by Mimi Barbour

An introvert, Special Agent Francesca moves to Las Vegas to escape her powerful, domineering mother. On arrival, multiple obstacles challenge her. She needs to approach a father she’s never met, a man who doesn’t even know she exists. Then she must play the role of a loving fiancée with a stranger. One who makes her question every unexpected emotion he provokes. Craving the chance for real undercover work, she grabs the opportunity to be involved in cleaning up gang corruption in a...

The Ministry Communications Unit: It didn't happen, but it by Gordon Smith

After the bombing of Darwin, Townsville and the submarine attack in Sydney, the Australian government became concerned with the possibility of the civilian population abandoning the coastal cities of Brisbane, Rockhampton, and Townsville and the coastal cities of New South Wales.
It was obvious although the invasion of these cities by the Japanese would be remote it was decided a specialist public relations unit to create reassurance movies and newspaper articles that would be charged...

The Smoke of Her Burning (An Uncivil War Book 4) by M J Logue

"I hope there's a good explanation for this, Colonel Babbitt," Fairfax said, with a sigh.
"No," said Hollie honestly, "but there is an explanation."
There's a lot of miles between Essex and Cheshire....
...and newlypromoted Colonel Hollie Babbitt is cursing the most recent additions to his company, for every step of them.
A scarred lieutenant with a death wish, and they don't call him Hapless for nothing.
Captain Drew Venning. And his dog.
Captain Penitence Chedglow,...

The Special Relationship (The End of Days Trilogy. Book 1) by Sirius Alexander

In the future, old alliances, long accepted national borders and political hegemony will have entered a state of flux. This book looks forwards to a world not far removed from our own. Allowing the reader a glimpse through the looking glass, into a world none of us truly wish to experience, but perhaps secretly wonder whether we would survive?
If your world was reversed, how would you react? If your best friend was threatened by an old ally, what would you do? What happens if one day you...

The 231 Club: My Ten Year Journey From Therapist to CIA Courier by various

After a successful therapist is recruited to become a courier for the CIA, his ordered world descends down a dark path leading to sanctioned kills and questioned loyalties, forever altering his concept of self and country.
The 231 Club encompasses intriguing personalities, an examination of the psyche behind the storyteller, exciting and unique espionage adventures at a time when wits were at play more than gadgets. It dissects how one man with a great career and fulfilling life takes a...

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