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Rain on a Summer's Afternoon: A Collection of Short Stories by Virginia McClain

Rain on a Summer's Afternoon is a collection of short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes humorous, and always imaginative. This collection includes 'Off Belay', previously published in The First Line magazine, as well as five new stories. The stories in this collection include:
Pretty Chains
Bound from birth to a life of servitude in the sultan's palace, Asha's only moment of freedom was a brief one bought and paid for by her mother's life. Yet once the sultan pushes her past...

SUBJECTED: Parallax - a novel (Book 1) by G. F. Smith

Subjected: Parallax
Are we meant to be more than human?
A Scientist, along with a reclusive Writer, are led on mysterious journeys to the past and the future, by an Alien—or Angel (they’re not sure which)—in a desperate effort to re-balance reality after a ruthless corporate mogul uses the scientist’s discovery to alter history to his own making...

Paragons: An Anthology of Superheroes by various

Look up in the sky!
They awe us. They fill us with wonder. But most of all, they inspire us – to be stronger, faster, and smarter. Superheroes teach us how to aspire to the best versions of ourselves. Enjoy this master collection of collection of 13 tales of allnew, alloriginal superheroes from today’s up and coming science fiction and fantasy masters!
When the police fail to take down the super powered mobs a rogue vigilante steps up to the plate in Nightstick by Kai Wai Cheah....

The Traitor Within (Natasha Kelly, Mossad Spy Book 6) by Felicia Mires

Mossad Spy Natasha Kelly eventually gets the chance to visit the movie set of her heartthrob fiance, Dirk Sloan. When someone takes a shot at Dirk, Natasha is certain it has something to do with a missing nuclear warhead. After Natasha pulls a gun and takes down Dirks assailant, pictures appear in the news. Dirk decides it will be safer for his career if Natasha is seen in less violent circumstances. He sends her to Israel to attend a wedding with his sister.
Things go from bad to worse...

Ellie Claus and Santa's Heroes Squad (The Prequel) by George A. Kos

One night, right before Christmas, little girl Ellie Claus finds out that she was chosen to be a new recruit in Santa’s Heroes Squad, where she finds new friends and discovers the truth of who her real parents were. But why she was recruited to Santa’s Heroes Squad only now?......

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