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Backlash by D. L. Thomas

Quinn Lewis, a modern day combination of Indiana Jones and MacGyver, leads a team on an epic treasure hunt in a remote Idaho canyon. Lewis must utilize unconventional tools and reckless methods, using whatever is available to overcome each new obstacle thrown his way. Join the team as they work to solve a 200year old riddle, battling long odds and braving thundering rapids, sheer rock walls, and a treacherous, watery caveā€”all while evading a team of mercenaries bent on claiming the...

In Times Of Violence Young Adult Edition by Karina Kantas

In Times of ViolenceMC Romance Young Adult had been sheltered most of her life. Living in an isolated village with only sex and drugs to entertain. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father doesn't give a damn.
Her only way out is to beg her Aunt to allow her to stay as a guest in their London house.
Jade meets fate head on in the form of Marcus, president of the Tyrants MC. She finally finds a family that loves and respects her and they are not BLOOD. Nothing comes easy to Jade and...


Born deaf, her song will change the destiny of our world. Like each of the six heroes that have been chosen to stand in defense of our world, Laya has a handicap that has somehow endowed her with a unique talent far exceeding anything that humanity has ever known. The Senses Novels continue with Dulcet where you will meet Laya, a girl with an almost unimaginable power. In this second installment of the Senses Novels series, you will grow with Laya as she attempts to learn how to deal with an...

Can You See My Hand 3?: A Lesson On Faith by Mary Bouyer

Can You See My Hand 3? A lesson on faith, is another book about believing and trusting in the Lord. This book is transpired from two testimonies called The Light Bulb Experience and You Had to Been There. It is an amazing story for discovery; which, causes an adventure where seeking out Jesus leads to something miraculous.......

Dance of Shadows: Dangerous Trade by Steven Nedelton

American CIA agent David Tallman is haunted by flashbacks of the hideous torture back in 1962 by a spy agency that strikes like a cobra. Not much has changed by 1985, and now Tallman's espionage experience and talents are needed for something special. He is assigned the leadership of a group of agents with unusual skills. While the relations between the US and Russia do remain tense, there is evidence of a strong dissident movement within the Soyuz itself. And the US intends to help the...

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