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Squirrel Wars by Jane Finch

Care about the environment? Then your children should read this. The red squirrel is in danger and Rowan is on a mission to save his family from the cruel grey squirrels. There's a daring rescue mission, lots of fun with Nuthead the rabbit, and some wise instructions from the Owl. Take a journey into the world of the squirrel and be amazed.......

Prophecy of Peace (MYSTERIES OF THE ORACLE Book 1) by Tom Goymour

A gripping mystery that spans a century. 
Two young men, best friends, find themselves on a mission one night in October 2015 heading across a field in the corner of Essex, England. What they don't know is why are they here? And why this very night?
    As they reminisce, recalling the past, events seem to be telling them something. Billy Sheppardy soon realises that they need to discover what really did happen a century ago, and what is the significance of the wallet that his...

DOTTY and the Calendar House Key: (A Magical Fantasy Adventure by Emma Warner-Reed

Awardwinning fiction from 1 bestselling children's author, Emma WarnerReed.
Following the death of her parents in a tragic firework accident, nine and a half year old Welsh girl, Dotty Parsons, is sent to live with her Great Uncle Winchester at The Calendar House a vast old country house in deepest, darkest Yorkshire.
Once there, Dotty is disturbed by noises coming from the chimneys and soon suspects everything is not as it seems. The cook tells her the noises are just jackdaws...

Alf The Workshop Dog: An illustrated, interactive, magical by Emma Calin

How could a scruffy dog in a bus depot and the call of crows, link back to another world of power and love? Award winning Kindle Category Bestseller Emma Calin's brand new series of modern day fairy stories for younger readers.The ancient Kingdom of Zanubia and a stray dog looking for scraps in an innercity repair garage, hold the secret. A wicked king, a brave girl, a young prince and the struggle between right and wrong maintain the fable tradition.
It's chapter book storytime action...

Tokoloshe: The Ayana Regassa Adventures Book 2 by Andy Lang

Only the most powerful witch doctor can call the evil, but few can send it away.
The Tokoloshe, the undead, it will follow forever!
When you stare into the darkness and the chill of fear tingles up your spine, it is me that you sense. When you look into the crazed eyes of the dictator or the murderer, you look into my eyes. When you awake from the nightmare and thank your maker that it was only a bad dream, you have felt my presence. You may not know my name, but I have many. You have...

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