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Alter Boys (The Davenport Decrees Book 2) by Tory Allyn

When a ritualistic elixir once held by the Mayapo natives of the Amazon rainforest is reformulated, Bren Williams, Derek O’Rourke and Russ Munroe unwittingly come into contact with the newfangled version at Prescott Chemicals. Shortly thereafter, the detectives experience a change to their body and minds with unalterable results. Although alarmed with their current predicament, all three master the formalities thus engendering them the power to complete their mission. With help from their...

The Adventures of Joey Who Would Not Sleep (Children's Picture by Denise McCabe

Joey does not like to sleep alone in his bedroom. He will talk and talk all night long, and as a result his mother’s ears are getting bigger from the constant chatter.
One night she tells him she used to be afraid of sleeping alone, and she gives him some of her magic dust she used when she was a little girl.
Find out about the adventure after he uses the magic dust that brings him to Alphabet Island where he meets some crazy pirates and a parrot that just don't like to sleep! This...

The Golden Man: (A Nicholson And Elliott Story) by Gary Cann

Passage is booked unexpectedly from London to Venezuela for man about town Martin Nicholson by old school friend Stephen Elliott. 'Elly' as he is known, has pursued a career in the more shadowy parts of the Diplomatic Service, the exact details of which Martin Nicholson has never known.
The phrase 'Need you soonest' in a telegram has Nicholson boarding a steamer to join his friend in South America.
This 'boys own style' adventure was first published chapter by chapter, and had its...

Sleeper Cell: A Secret War on the Streets of London by Alan Porter

Three days before historic peace talks in London, a massive bomb explodes in the heart of the city.
As British intelligence chase down the ISIS cell behind the attack, Counter Terrorism Officer Leila Reid believes there is something far more sinister involved that none of them is yet seeing.
With civil unrest on the streets and the crisis spiralling out of control, Reid must track down the real cell before they can execute the final stage of a plan that will bring a decadesold global...

Cult Of Evolution by Maurice Hardy

A brilliant scientist and university lecturer, Donna Hammond caught the attention of the scientific community after developing a concept known as evolutionary acceleration. In theory, the process would adapt plants and animals to keep pace with climatic and environmental changes, in the controlled conditions of a science lab. Recognising the enormous potential benefits this discovery may have on future sustainability and food production, scientists and institutions around the globe offered...

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