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Hunter Down (Roger and Suzanne mystery series Book 12) by Jerold Last

The longawaited seventh novel in the popular Roger and Suzanne mystery series is the second novel starring prizewinning dog Juliet as a featured character. Suzanne, with a lot of help from Bruce, enters Juliet and her puppy Romeo in several local hunt tests. Naturally, Suzanne finds a dead body at the hunt test venue her first time handling Romeo. Roger, recruited at the scene by an old friend from the local Sheriff’s Department, is asked to help in the murder investigation. It looks...

Back by Sunrise: A magical realism story (Eternal Light Book 1) by Justin Sloan

A young girl learns that love and family are forever with the help of a magical necklace that transforms her into a bird.

Movie rights recently optioned!
A modern day Land Before Time, “Back by Sunrise” illustrates a thoughtful coming of age story which shows how a child might interpret, and subsequently deal with, loss when tragedy strikes.......

Tramadol Nights by Vanya Vetto

He's had a dream. He's back in Bali. What can the dream mean? Surely the Mad Hindu isn't going to desecrate a Hindu Holy man. Sana and Vanya Vetto do a follow up of Garuda's Travels, tracking down Hindu Gods, fake Christians and exploring the subculture of the chicken farms on the island of Bali. The Island of the Gods isn't what the author expects, as he's chased down by his own demons and a greedy Hindu who can't get enough money. Will he escape with his sanity?......

Primed (Outsourced Book 2) by Eric J. Gates

Defense Intelligence agent Bridget Mason is back! Recently recovered from her gunshot wounds, she is assigned an 'easy' case' which turns out to be anything but. Nic Stiles confesses what really happened in India and Phil Beasley takes a deadly decision when they find themselves threatened by the Bratva Russian Mafia.
In the second book in the 'Outsourced' series, the protagonists are thrust into a situation where lies and deceit are the norm and murders a common occurrence. Even they...

The Heist (An Alexander Stone Thriller) by Ryan Pacheco

Detective Alexander Stone is about to find out that the border between Texas and Mexico isn’t as safe as he thought. Stone works in Waterloo, a midsize town a stone’s throw from the border when he becomes entangled in a feud between a Mexican Cartel and fanatical Muslim terrorists.
The feud bleeds over the border with the outcome threatening to put all of America in danger.
Stone is in a brutal fight to clear his name, keep his family safe, and prevent a terrorist attack on...

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