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Spike, The Not So Nice Dinosaur (Teaching Values, Bedtime by Denise McCabe

Spike the dinosaur has not always been so nice. In fact, not too long ago, Spike was a mean dinosaur. He didn’t share, didn’t understand honesty and didn’t know how to say he was sorry. But that was before Mike, the microraptor, showed him what kindness was and how he, too, could be a good dinosaur friend. Activities also included.......

Speedster by Jonah Gibson

'Jonah Gibson rocks this book!'
'Read it nonstop.'
'Kept me up half the night!'
A Florida based comedy thriller that reads like Carl Hiassen or Tim Dorsey, Speedster is a laughoutloud romp through the seedier facets of some popular tourist destinations. Full of twists and surprises and interesting characters who come together like a dysfunctional family to make you rethink your vacation plans. From beach to strip club to fish camp to gated community, it will grab you by the belt and...

Cross Check: Friendship can be Murder: book 2 by Caron Allan

Cressida BarkerPowell, spoiled society girl and recent widow is back, and back with a vengeance. She is making a list and crosschecking it twice. If you’re on her list – and it’s not a very long list – you’re dead. No ifs. No buts. No maybes. She’s making the world a happier place for the few people she cares about, and if someone’s got to die to make that happen, so be it.
So with murder on her mind, find out just how Cressida juggles poisonings and suffocations with...

The Round Guide to Morality by Mark C Sutton

Rid yourself of your wishywashy, leftie subversive ways forever by studying 'The Round Guide to Morality' by Horace Round (as told to Mark C Sutton)!!!
Meet Horace Round; an arrogant, condescending, selfobsessed, psychopathic, conceited, narcissistic, narrowminded, sexist, xenophobic, repulsive, greedy, out and out thoroughly nasty piece of work with no redeeming qualities whatsoever... and he wants to offer you, the subversive and immoral reader, guidance on how to become a pillar of...

What Goes Around: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy (Northern by Sharon Karaa

Selina McKenzie used to be a nice girl, always ready to lend a hand, always willing to put others before herself. So what caused her to become a raging banshee on a mission to destroy all men? Well...not all, just those caught with their trousers down, so to speak, in places where they shouldn't be.

Forces beyond her control are taking over her, unfortunately the wicked spells she casts are also coming back at her threefold. Can she dodge the bullets long enough to find out who or...

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