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In His Time: A family love born of tragedy by Ronald Craig

Steve Gardener a successful businessman approaching age sixty lost the love of his life, his wife Linda three years prior. Nicole Avery is a seventeen year old runaway from a home she felt endangered in and thinking she'd left the man that assaulted her dead in her bedroom. They find the family in each other they were both seeking that triggers events beyond their expectations.
It is a warm story of finding a grandfather and granddaughter relationship out of the tragic events that...

Strong Blood (Last Moon Rising #2) by Dale Ibitz

The second gripping book of the Last Moon Rising young adult fantasy series.
Cruel lies. Sinister secrets. A destructive war between nature's gods. Haley, descendant of the God of Air, has survived it all… so far.
But Haley’s battles are only beginning as two men continue to threaten her. Ian, the Fire God’s descendant bent on destroying Eyidora and turning himself into a god. Tuggin, the stonefaced Eyidoran witch paid to protect her, and who’s also been assigned to kill her....

The Stonegate Sword by Harry James Fox

Do you love historical fiction, knights in armor and romance? How about a tale with all of these set in future North America? Escape to a passionate world of danger, love, war and redemption the world of Stonegate.
The Old Empire is gone
But tales still tell of marvels from long agoflying machines and devices run by the power of lightning. Now grass grows in the streets and rusted hulks are all that remain of the proud machines. A new time of troubles now threatens. The free towns of...

The Lipstick Diaries by Lori Soard

In grade school, Kate, Sarah and Rebecca discovered they were best friends. In seventh grade, they discovered makeup and began a diary of their important moments, "signed" in their own shade of lipstick. In high school, they discovered boys. Now the three are staring their thirtieth birthdays right in the face and determined to do something about where their lives are going. From mothers who gripe about their unmarried state to bosses who don't take them seriously, to ticking biological...

Luc: Contemporary Romance, Military (Men of Honor Book 2) by Livia Quinn

Is he hero, or pretender?
The tall dark and deadly looking mercenary Delilah Burke confronts at a robbery scene is sexy as sin. Apparently he saved the day, but is anything about him real? 
All he did was stop for a six pack after work but former Navy officer Luc Larue knows how it looks when the sexy cop and her partner respond to a silent alarm at the tiny grocery. Luc’s job with KPI requires certain…attire and equipment. 
Once she finds out what he does for a living, and...

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