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Archaea by Dain White

She lay abandoned, moored to the south end of Luna Farside, left for scrap. Captain Dak Smith saw in her something special, an opportunity to burn for the far horizon as an independent, free from the gloms that hold known space in thrall – but he had to get her running first.
Armed with a standardissue captain's eyebrow and an infectious grin, Captain Smith and his handpicked crew embark on an adventure through deep space filled with scoundrels, pirates, and some incredibly unfortunate...

Heaveny to Light State: Odious Ending (The Light State by Nobody Loser

Odious Ending and Heaveny Convalesce have a lot in common. They are both scientists, they are both alcoholics and they are both eccentric, intelligent inventors. The two accidentally stumble on the invention of a lifetime, an invention that the omnipotent nations of the universe should have stumbled upon long ago, but didn't. The two endure trampling, invasion, fights and ridicule, then eventually murder trying to bring their invention to light. The question is, will it come to light before...

Araknea - Book 1 by Jean Kaczmarek

"Epic fantasy and sciencefiction in one, Araknea portrays a versicolor world full of violence and lust for power." This crossgenre bookfantasy mixed with steampunk, two tablespoons of mangas, populated by giants robots and zombies, is waiting for you. Take the path less travelled.
Let's discover a new fantasy saga ...ARAKNEA
When the Shrine of Fire from Adrion is stolen, Lords Skorpios has no doubt, that Friss, the Fortresssentinel of the North, is at the heart of this sacrilege....

SUBJECTED: Eye of God - a novel (the Prequel) by G. F. Smith

Subjected: Eye of God (the Prequel)
Why have we been subjected to life?
Daniel J. Sayer weighs his loss, his life, his learning, and his sanity when an Alien—or Angel (he’s not sure which)—shows up at different points of his journey and begins addressing some of those “Big Universe” questions Daniel’s been asking...

Utopia by Sharon Bengalrose

WOW! The spirit world has done them selves proud with this positive uplifting book ‘Utopia’. They tell us about their spirit realm, reveal new Archangels and answers questions mankind longs to ask them. They also tell us about our earths history and offworld alien races that have influenced mankind. On top of all this are truelife stories of light workers and how they found the love and light we all seek and their spiritual journeys. Just when you think there is no more they can offer,...

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