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Horror in a Hurry Volume 1: The collected novellas plus two new by FR Maher

Time is a valuable commodity. I know this as I struggle to manage my life in university, hosting major events out of university and my life as a writer. I have become adept at keeping plates spinning – okay, some of them do crash occasionally, but timepoverty can sneak up on you, and when it’s got you trapped it’s a very hard thing to escape. This was the thinking behind creating Horror in a Hurry, stories that could be read in a single sitting. It was a sweet day when Charles de...

Death Masque by George Hiegel

This book is a series of six short stories all revolving around the theme of death Titles include: Death By Any Other Name, Murder is Murder, Wishing Well, The Mirror, Killer Clothes, and The Human Experiment: Dark Origins, Dark Ends......

The Shepherd by Anthony Donnelly

A 30minute short read selfhelp book wrapped up in an engaging story.
This short, easytoread modern parable for personal growth and development follows the quest of a shepherd who has lost direction in his life.
The natural world around him opens up as a source and a guide to help him discover who he really is. A book about newage leadership, following your heart, and being true to your real Self. A great story for readers of all ages.
If you have ever felt lost or out of control....

One Breath ~ (A Short Story) by Rose English

The rainbow had vanished, swept away behind a great sweeping of grey clouds. The air was still fresh and fragrant from the afternoon April shower, when for a time the sun had peeked through cotton candy clouds. Dorothea magically produced a tiny retractable umbrella, from her coat pocket, just as the first drop of rain fell. Albert always marvelled at her ability to be prepared for any event, she was his beautiful and intelligent petite little Dotty. The rain started gently, in spits and...

Abused and other stories by Rita Michaels

Abused A young girl’s silent cry for help as her father sexually abuses her and her younger sister.
Aliens Cathy McCain’s childhood nightmare returns, and this time, she is old enough to know they are real.
Broken Jessica Hanes’ life crumbles down the day her mother dies of a drug overdose. With no knowledge of any close relative, she shuffles from one foster home to another, and falls into the wrong hands.
The other side of him – After a long distance relationship...

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