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Heartfelt: Poetry From The Heart by Jacqueline M Franklin

‘Heartfelt’ is a compilation of poems that come from the heart. Enjoy the journey, and always….Keep Smilin’!......

Desert Noon Passionate Poetry by Victoria Valentine

Lost Poetry by Victoria Valentine. 36 passionate poems of love and loss with additional prose and haiku in this 72 page book of romance: These poems often contain intense touching of words and skin between speaker and object of the poem, but often they mourn of that which cannot be found...the search for peace within self which seems unattainable without a significant other. We will be swept away in a torrent of sometimes breezy, sometimes gusty, near guilty pleasures in this incredibly...

Voices In My Head by Cindy J. Smith

Ever want to get a second opinion on life? Well, Cindy has had voices giving her theirs all her life. With straight talk and sarcasm, they rhyme their views to her. In this first book, she offers you a glimpse of the path she has been traveling while seeking her way in this world.......

They Won't Shut Up by Cindy J. Smith

In this second book of poetry, Cindy's voices continue their relentless sharing of their opinions.
Touching on many of the emotions and life situations humans encounter, they offer their viewpoint in the hopes of finding the path to peace. At the end of the book, Cindy has shared a small section spotlighting the works of her angel daughter, to whom this book is lovingly dedicated for her

A Southern Boy's Meanderings by GC Smith

We Southern guys love the ladies and we love to eat and to watch the world go by.  Sometimes we love the Southern climate, sometimes that climate scares hell out of us.  And there's the flora and fauna of the South , so no, we can't forget the blooms and critters and there are a few of 'em scattered in the poems in this little book  In all 34  poems reflect what I, and I believe other Southerners, love and are good for us fill these few pages.  The poems are my stuff, written by a guy...

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