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Her Obsession by Shaunna Rodriguez

An Unbridled Obsession Can Cause Such Chaotic Insanity.
She was convinced she wasn’t crazy. CC took what I consider to be insanity, to a whole new level. The reality of it is that I should have feared for my own safety and sanity because like the scattered disaster area that was before me, it was the same situation in the deep trenches of her mind that dropped off into a darkened abyss. Both the door to her apartment and her brain should have been roped off with yellow CAUTION tape....

Something to Read While Travelling - THAILAND: Your Travelling by various

Something to Read While Travelling is a useful companion to accompany you on your travels.

Something to Read While Travelling : THAILAND, is not only an informative travel guide on Thailand, but an entertaining compendium, which includes :
Information on Thailand
Useful tips that won’t be found in most travel publications.
Tourist Hot spots, including maps.
Thai language made simple
Popular Thai recipes,
Fun quiz’s and Brainteasers.
Hilarious Jokes

I Am Not A Barbie by Cathy Rafferty

Of all the relationships women engage in on a daily basis – friend, lover, wife, mother, coworker, boss – the one we seem to have the most trouble with is actually the most important relationship of all: the one we have with ourselves.
I’m Not A Barbie! aims to end our nonexistent and, in some cases selfdestructive, relationship with ourselves and the others in our lives. How? By learning to understand what goes into a relationship, steps for making it work and how to fix it when...

The New Grown Ups Disney World Guide Book by Peggy Bechko

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Information on great restaurants & fun attractions for adults
Places to stay
Money & nervesaving transportation ideas
Much more!
All too often a vacation to Disney World is associated only with children and young families.
But I’m here to tell you it’s time to party! Time to let the big kids out to play.
The New Grown Ups Disney World GuideBook offers just...


It is an anthology of 15 poems......

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