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Can You See My Heart? A lesson on Obedience by Mary Bouyer

This story is a true story about a child who is finding out what it means to be obedient through a childhood experience. This story is linked together with a bible tragedy over disobedience to teach discipline.......

AFTER LIFE THERE IS MORE LIFE: Life in the Afterlife (Messages by Vladimir Burdman Schwarz

The law of reincarnation can explain all situations of life, the good and, of course, the bad. Without reincarnation, we should accept that life is haphazard, groundless and without an ulterior motivation. For this reason, many of us argue that death does not exist as an end, but as a change to another dimension of life. Thanks to the free will, human being is architect of his destiny and decided, for better or for worse, each of his deeds.
Neardeath experiences are, for now, the most...

I Was Just a Radioman by Pamela Ackerson

The day that will live in infamy was just the beginning...
I Was Just a Radioman
In 1940, still in high school, Henry P. Lawrence joined the Navy Reserves. Little did he know that a year later, in May of 1941, he'd be called to service and deployed to Hawaii.
No one believed the Japanese would be aggressive enough to attack a U.S. territory. Their plan...to cripple the United States military. The attack at Pearl came hard and fast.
I Was Just a Radioman is a collection of the...

The Day I packed for Heaven by Maria Pelisek

The Day I packed for Heaven is an extraordinary reallife story.
One sunny afternoon, Maria, a young woman in her late 20's has a decision to make, to refuse or accept chemotherapy for a second time.
She chooses to refuse.
The young woman decides to defy the odds and refuses her only choice; this is not because she wants to die but because she just desperately wants to live.
She knows what is expected from her but she sets off to find the life she always wanted, not the one...

Starting Over: A Practical Guide For Women After A Money Crisis by Oraynab Jwayyed

This is a book for all women who want to learn to manage their money, take control of their finances and to become financially independent. There is a need out there for women to start stepping up and become more involved in their personal finances, whether they are divorced or married, single or committed. Most find moral support, but not financial; It’s not because the resources and services are not out there, but because there is a gap between those services and resources and the women...

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