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Jodie and the library card by Julie Hodgson

Jodie Broom, a 12yearold girl (almost 13!), is like most girls her age. She loves her friends, music, and is always up for a good adventure. What she treasures above all else are books and she is consumed by them, reading and collecting whatever she can to satisfy her voracious appetite for stories, facts, and history.
But Jodie lives in the year 2075, and more than fifty years have passed since the banning of books and paper; it’s a time when no one can own a printed book, or even...

Mortlake (The Maps of Time Book 2) by Colin Garrow

London, 1630. Felch is back, and this time he's determined to get what he wants.
But Tom and his friends have other things on their minds when one of Deacon's maps is stolen, the ancient and mysterious library of Dr Dee seems to be the one place that holds all the keys...
MORTLAKE is book 2 in this epic timeslip adventure series.
If you love historical adventure mysteries, download your copy or buy the paperback version of Mortlake now. Just scroll to the top of the page and...

Sock Monkeys Don't Bully and neither should you! (Sock Monkey by Cindi Walton

At Sock Monkey Nation the sock monkeys are all about kindness and "being the kind of friend that you would like to have!" The material covered in "Sock Monkeys don't bully and neither should you," can be easily understood and implemented by those as young 4 years of age up through 4th grade This book with it's full color sock monkey pictures addresses issues such as "what does a bully look like?" What actions make you a bully? What are mean and hurtful words and what to do about a bully? ...

GUIDE DOGS SERIES: Rhyming Guide Dog Stories by Susan Swain

The first of the three rhyming stories, Guide Dog is about Scout's journey through puppy training to graduation as Samantha's guide dog. Bosun Hangs His Harness Up is about retiring guide dog Bosun's journey home to his puppy walkers. Listen Up Lucky Pup is about how a homeless dog's special talents are recognised by shelter staff leading to a rewarding career for the lucky pup.......

The Guardian: Do Angels Wear Fur? by Myka Rains

Just a blue Teddy Bear yet so much more. As Corinna begins the journey of growing up he's by her side.
Tucked into bed each night he's her friend, confidant and guardian.
And when the monsters come he wears his roughest, toughest bear face and he and his little girl face the monsters down together.......

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