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Fate of the Fallen: The Baiulus Series Omnibus by Darren Lewis

Darren Lewis's acclaimed Baiulus series, now available as an omnibus edition!
A darkness has been woken in the village. Bitter memories of the past and a thirst for vengeance upon the guilty thrust Ellie onto the path of danger, and the road to the past where answers lie in wait. Ellie alone must stand against the darkness that would consume all, and overcome it. To accept her fate may lose her everything. To stand against it may cost her everything. The shadows will not be satisfied...

Twilight of Doom, A Taylor and Alan Adventure by Jackie Mae

Taylor’s family had patiently waited a whole year for this. Being on vacation in Ocean City was the stuff kid’s dreams were made of; cotton candy, sun, sand, waves, pizza, crabs, the boardwalk, and the carnival. For two whole weeks every year they packed their belongings and headed down to Ocean City, Maryland.
Once there, their parents let most of the rules about healthy eating fall away during vacation. Taylor and her brother Alan are having the time of their lives doing fun...

Mariquita by Angela Stevens

George McGregor is the type of eight year old who spends his day wearing a cobbled together super hero costume. Armed with a secret power — a handydandy travelsized pack of tissues — he saves the day and leaves the world tear and runny nose free.
When his super heroing becomes mundane, a chance wish on a dandelion clock brings a new friend into George’s life. But this friend has a secret and its discovery leads to a larger than life adventure in a smaller than life world. With...

Problems in Paradise (The Madeleine Richards Series Book 2) by Juliette Duncan

In Book 2 in "The Madeleine Richards Series", Problems in Paradise, Maddy and Hannah can't believe their luck when they are invited to tag along on Maddy's mother's honeymoon trip to "Paradise". While there, they befriend an older girl, whose life experiences are drastically different from their own.
Soon, Maddy finds herself wrapped up in a potentially dangerous situation that has direct ties to their new friend's boyfriend.
In order to save her new friend from dangers that lie...

Sock Monkeys Don't Bully and neither should you! (Sock Monkey by Cindi Walton

At Sock Monkey Nation the sock monkeys are all about kindness and "being the kind of friend that you would like to have!" The material covered in "Sock Monkeys don't bully and neither should you," can be easily understood and implemented by those as young 4 years of age up through 4th grade This book with it's full color sock monkey pictures addresses issues such as "what does a bully look like?" What actions make you a bully? What are mean and hurtful words and what to do about a bully? ...

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