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Where Did I Come From?: The Adventures of Sammy the Turtle by Pam Funke

Meet Sammy the turtle. Sammy is a baby turtle who is all alone. Where did he come from? His mother, Luna, was nowhere to be found. Where was she? Who created Sammy and his mother? Sammy goes on an adventure to not only find his mother, but to ultimately find out where he really came from.......

Sapphire: A Paranormal Romance by Bryan Alaspa

A Guffawing Dog Publishing Release
Latest novel from author, Bryan W. Alaspa
Approximately 100k words in length
Jimmy Parker is a typical high school student. Unpopular with the girls and picked on by the boys, he’s just trying to survive long enough to escape the tiny Pennsylvanian town of Knorr. With Jimmy and his friend, George, heading to the school dance, they expect nothing but the usual ritual humiliation from their peers. But when...

Riddle of We at the Heartwood Tree (Friendly Universe) by Dr. Ardys Reverman

"Sometimes it's hard being me."
The last thing Bond wants is to go on a school camping trip. He is sure it is going to be one big bore, and upon his arrival, he is convinced of it. All of his fellow students are either too caught up in their friends, have their face stuck in books, or running around causing havoc. Bond wants no part of it.
And then, the worst of worst happens. He is stuck on a scavenger hunt team with Bliss, the ‘snob’, Faith the brownnosing schoolie, and well,...

Jicky Jack And The Ominous Promise by C.D. Bryan

One boy... One promise... A world of perilous adventure.
When J.R. Timble wakes to discover something unnatural has happened to him, he has no idea it's the result of a majestic event that happens every 150 years, which has also awakened fierce adversaries who come huntingfor him. But when more jawdropping phenomena follow, J.R. soon realizes something sinister is at hand.
Overnight his simple life is shattered; a lifechanging promise thrusts him into a new world of destiny,...

Atticus And The Adventures Of The Majjai Six Books One And Two: by M.K. Drake

Atticus And The Orb Of Time:
What if everything you were told were true. What if everything was born from something. What if we lived in a world where all the stories, all of the religions, it was all true. Dragons, demons, vampires? A continuity of singularity. And what if something wanted to destroy it all?
The demon king, Razakel, wants nothing but to rule the realms. His own domain is not enough. He has his evil eyes set on the realm of Earth. Only the Majjai are in his way. Join...

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