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Jamie Pond In Rise Of The Heron: The World's Greatest Amphibian by D. P. Hall

Who is Jamie Pond? You may well ask. Well, Jamie Pond just happens to be the world's greatest amphibian super spy, and section leader of a top-secret government organisation called the CFIA (Carp & Frog Intelligence Agency). Jamie’s incredible adventures begin deep in the heart of a top-secret research base in Salisbury. Jamie and his trusty pals Lola a little tree frog from the CFIA and Flapper...

Sapphire: A Paranormal Romance by Bryan Alaspa

A Guffawing Dog Publishing Release
Latest novel from author, Bryan W. Alaspa
Approximately 100k words in length
Jimmy Parker is a typical high school student. Unpopular with the girls and picked on by the boys, he’s just trying to survive long enough to escape the tiny Pennsylvanian town of Knorr. With Jimmy and his friend, George, heading to the school dance, they expect nothing but the usual ritual humiliation from their peers. But when...

Luckey Haskins and the Zoo Adventure by Brian Sooy

When every day can appear ordinary to a young child, it takes a little magic to make it an adventure.
Luckey Haskins is a boy to whom magical things happen on very ordinary days.
When Luckey and his Mom go to the zoo on a hot summer day, adventure follows when Luckey’s wish turns into reality, and something unexpected happens. Discover the magic that turns mischievous shadows and monkey business into a surprise that changes Luckey forever!
From the author: “When these stories...

The Seren Trilogy by Darren Lewis

Do you believe in magic?
Our world was born into chaos four billion years ago. It has survived to nurture and protect a species that is dutybound to help it live. And it's not human. Now, those protectors are dying and the Earth will perish. Their leader Rox has a plan, but she will not be alone.
From a chance meeting, Rox will travel with the bravest creature she has ever met. A young human girl, Ellie. Travel with them both, through the dark woods to the far reaches of the past, as...

Social Stories: Visual stories for children on the autistic by Christine Vann

Children with learning difficulties are often visual learners, especially those on the autistic spectrum. Visual stories can lower anxiety levels and give a clear description to help the child develop appropriate social behaviour and understand selfcare, different scenarios and transitions.
This collection includes over twenty visual stories to match a variety of situations. Written by a mother after extensive research and study for the use of her own child, these are now being offered...

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