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More Beginnings by Iris Blobel

Zach Taylor, an escort in Sydney, living in Hobart, enlists the help of Natasha Peterson when his teenage friend, Mia, runs away. He soon finds out that the 'dragon' is really more of a kitten. And although Natasha, Mia's teacher, is attracted to him as well, she has her own problems to deal with, not to mention her initial reaction to Zach's occupation.
Will Zach's job keep him from a chance to be with Natasha?
Life is good for teenager Mia Levesque. But when Darren Schuster shows up...

Wizards' Secret Service (Deluxe Edition #1) by George A. Kos

Discover the secret side of human and magic worlds in this Deluxe Edition of Wizards’ Secret Service series full of adventures, bravery and suspense a perfect gift for all action, fantasy, mystery, crime and steampunk fans.
Wizards’ Secret Service Deluxe Edition 1 includes:
The Key of Radmar
The Brotherhood of Darkness (Extended edition)
The Secret of Lion de Belfort......

The Secret of Lion de Belfort (#3 Wizards' Secret Service) by George A. Kos

The war between two secret organizations of the Magic World continues. Since the world’s first witch Harridagas hosts Nora’s body, the Union of Witches begins to act more decisively. But Radimus Dorret’s delay on finding a way to return Nora’s soul from Mrakad makes Tim to act and he will stop at nothing to save Nora from Negaroth’s prison. Along with Navra, Tim goes in search of a mysterious artifact, which should help Wizards to get rid of Harridagas once and for all. Suspecting...

The Bookminder by M. K. Wiseman

Sired by magick and violence, sixteenyearold Liara is found guilty of witchcraft and banished from her tiny village by the very priest who raised, then betrayed her. However, a mysterious mage steps forward to assume custody of her: Nagarath, the Wizard of Parentino, whose secret spellwork has long protected both Liara and Dvigrad from the ravages of war.
Despite Liara’s best hopes, Nagarath refuses to apprentice her to his craft but tasks her instead with the restoration of his...

Rise of the Erlachi: A Hickory Lace Scifi Fantasy Adventure by PJ McDermott

Six months after defeating the rebel alliance, Hickory Lace and her team are back on the medieval planet, Prosperine. The mystical Sword of ConnatsèraHaagar has been stolen and Hickory must find and return it to its home in the Temple of Balor.
The search takes Hickory deep into the mountains of Erlach where the rebel leader, Sequana, has overthrown the rightful king and is rallying the northern tribes to war.
Hickory’s team...

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