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The Pennington Christmas Curse by Gina Dickerson

Can curses really live outside of fairy tales?
At Winter Solstice something came for the Penningtons and tore their family apart. On the same day, thirteen years later, daughters Iysobel and Ziema are terrified by what appears in the mirror before them.
Terrified a curse hangs over the Pennington family eldest daughter Iysobel struggles to uncover the truth and find out if the curse really does exist.
Fighting forces she never imagined existed outside of the fairy tales she read as...

Called Warrior by EJ McCay

Seeing is believing, but what if you can see things no one else can?
Sixteen year old MacKenzie Bryan has your typical problems. You know, parents, boys, angels with special deliveries, homework, demons delivering cryptic messages, and…hold on, wait. Doesn’t every teenager have to balance doing their homework while fighting the rising dark forces in a new town while still making it home before curfew? If the demons don’t kill her, her father will.
You probably think this is...

The Roads of Luhonono: Legend of The East Road (The Roads of by Hamilton Hill

Ancient spirit legends start speaking to thirteen year old Magdalene sending her and her two companions, Peter and Gimbo on a mysterious mission. They soon discover that everything in Luhonono is not what it seems to be.

Talk To Me (HELP Book 2) by Donna M. Zadunajsky

Crowded halls filled with noisy teenagers.
Teachers, homework, and never ending tests.
Hanging with friends, dating boys, gossip, and preparing for the future.
Isn’t that what high school is supposed to be all about?
Carly Boyles was once popular and dated the Captain of the football team. She wanted to be like any other fifteenyearold teenage girl at Lakeport Central High School, but Taylor Ryans changed everything.
Two weeks after their breakup, Carly can’t find...

The Treasure of Gwenlais: The Rienfield Chronicles Book 1 by M.T. Magee

Book description
Princess Laurel of Gwenlais, finds herself tragically and quickly thrust into a world of danger, so unlike the idyllic and sheltered life she has known. These dangers from an unknown enemy, also unexpectedly throw her into the arms of Caleb, the warrior Prince of Heathwin, the nearby kingdom in which Gwenlais has a tense alliance with. The more refined people of Gwenlais, find their neighbors and protectors of the West necessary, but consider them uncouth and sometimes...

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