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Beneath Strange Stars (For Their Country's Good Book 2) by Rebecca Bryn

Continuing the story of Jem and Ella. Jem, a young poacher is transported to Van Diemen's Land, for life, for killing one of Lord Northampton's gamekeepers, leaving behind, Ella, the girl he loves. As Jem and his cousins plan a mutiny aboard the convict ship, HMS Tortoise, in an attempt to return home to his lover, Ella is using the only currency she has, her body, to earn the fare to follow him across the globe. The mutiny fails, and Jem faces a life in exile, but his determination to...

THE HOOD GAME: Rise of the Greenwood King by J.P. Reedman

“The arrow swift to wound is already drawn from the quiver ; soon will the blow be struck ...”
Robin of Locksley joins the annual village games, signifying the ancient battle between the ‘Lord of the Hood,’ and The Dark.
A night of good cheer turns to terror as soldiers arrive to arrest Robin’s foster father, accused of poaching and witchcraft.
During a struggle between Robin and a Norman master, the lord is killed and Robin made “wolfshead” – a term for a hunted man...

Maximum Moxie: a Maggie Sullivan Mystery (Maggie Sullivan by M Ruth Myers

Days before the Pearl Harbor attack plunges the U.S. into World War II, private eye Maggie Sullivan is hired to find a missing engineer in Dayton, Ohio. Has Gil Tremain been kidnapped, or has he turned traitor — to his employer and maybe his country?
As Maggie pieces together his last movements, she finds there are secrets the man’s exwife and his employers don’t want uncovered. Maggie herself is attacked and an innocent witness is murdered. The ruthlessness of her opponent...

Mail Order Maternity (Brides of Beckham Book 6) by Kirsten Osbourne

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The happiest day of Esther’s life quickly becomes a nightmare when she finds her husband dead in their fields. Now she is pregnant with no way to provide for her unborn child and her inlaws will soon evict her from her home. Becoming a mailorder bride will meet her needs, but will it allow her to...

In The Blood (Unflinching Book 2) by Stuart G. Yates

Detective Simms has another mission to complete.
Less than a year after crossing the unchartered Territories of the Old West in pursuit of vicious killers, Detective Simms of the Pinkerton Detective Agency receives orders for another mission. The fledgling railroads are cutting through the endless plains and desperadoes are taking advantage. The Pinkertons are charged with protecting the trains and the money they hold, but someone knows how much this is, and that someone has to be...

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