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Grey Areas - The Saga (Books 1-4) by Brad Carl

This collection contains ALL 4 BOOKS in the Grey Areas Serial:
Grey Areas
Grey Areas 2: Ghosts of Winter
Grey Areas 3: The Wrong Side of Right
Grey Areas 4: Smoke and Mirrors & White Lies

Hartmann: Malicious Rules (Hartmann thriller series Book 1) by Helen L Lowe

Hartmann – Malicious Rules, Book 1 of the Hartmann Thriller Series, is set in London in the swinging sixties. It chronicles Dr. Julian Hartmann’s search for his 16yearold son who is missing against the backdrop of the Thames Butcher murders.
In December 1966, a dismembered body is discovered by children playing on the Thames shoreline by Execution Dock. It’s the fifth victim of the Thames Butcher, and London is gripped with fear by the horrific murders.
Dr Julian Hartmann, a...

Vanished Tales: A Salty Tails Romantic Mystery #2 (Salty Tails by Richard Stephens

Salty Tails is back! And he’s as sarcastic and hungry as ever, in book 2 of his CozyMystery series...
At the ripe young age of twentythree, Stormy McGuire found the love of his life in the beautiful, redheaded eighteenyearold Denise O’Brien the daughter of a respected federal judge. Two days after accepting his marriage proposal, she vanished leaving Stormy devastated. Nineteen years later, an older wiser Stormy has a new love in his life the gorgeous perky Monica Sanchez and her...

Port City (An Alec Winters Series Book 3) by Chariss K. Walker

You met Alec Winter in Prelude and Crescent City. Now, follow him to Mobile, Alabama in Port City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 3) where he finds and destroys any sex traffickers he can find, freeing their innocent victims. He roams the city streets of New Orleans, Mobile, and Melbourne in order to save the innocent and punish the wicked in this very dark fiction supernatural thriller series.......

Joint Judgement (An Emma Harrison Mystery Book 3) by Wendy Cartmell

A normal day at the Reading Young Offender's Institute doesn't stay that way for long. A new inmate attacks the doctor. Then someone murders the art teacher, Jack Walker. When an inmate holds the remaining teachers hostage and refuses to let the police investigate, Emma calls her boyfriend Sgt Billy Williams. Can Billy solve a murder, and stop anyone else meeting the same fate?......

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