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Knight Fall (A James Maguire Novel Book 4) by Andrew G. Nelson

It’s Christmas in the Big Apple.
While the city is adorned with decorations and festive lights, something much more sinister is lurking in the shadows.
It has been nearly a year since James Maguire and Rich Stargold took the reins of the New York City Police Department. During that time they have had to deal with a series of events, including racial discord and the threat of terrorism, which threatened to tear apart the very heart of the city.
Now, as the year comes to a close,...

Boxed Set: Dark Legacy Urban Fantasy Series: Books One to Three by M. A. Anderson

How do you tell your best friend you're a vampire? And how do tell him you think you're a serial killer?
Andre Delacroix has lived a relatively normal existence. He's a respected doctor, friend to one of the best detectives in Los Angeles, Reece Daniels, and can walk in the daylight, which assists his masquerade of being human. He's about to ask the woman he loves on a first date. Everything in his life is perfect.
Until a series of teen murders leads Andre to...

Haunted Hearts - #1: A Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery by Kim Cox

A Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery Series Novella 1
See inside how to get book 2 FREE GET OUT OR DIE
Will Lana Malloy solve the twentyyearold double murder of her great aunt and her great aunt’s fiancé by Memorial Day? If she can, they’ll spend eternity together; if she can’t, they’ll be stuck as Haunted Hearts for another year.
Projected Scheduled Releases:
Book 2: Get Out or Die July 2015
Book 3: The Wedding Crasher September 2015
Book 4: Christmas Cruise ...

Whipped Up (Paul Chaise Book 2) by Stuart G. Yates

Paul Chaise, exSBS, is trying to leave his old life behind but his old ‘employers’ have other ideas. Returning home from Spain, he just wants to find his girlfriend, live a quiet life ‒ and forget. A job selling property in Suffolk seems to offer the perfect escape route until he becomes involved with a client’s problems and everything spirals out of control. Some particularly nasty Eastern European gangsters want to take over the running of the client’s houses and use them as...

At the Sharpe End by Hugh Ashton

Set against the bank crashes of 2008, Tokyo-based Richard Sharpe battles the security forces of at least four countries, including North Korea; mobsters; and beautiful (if dangerous) women.
Somehow he has found himself in possession of technology which could help him change the global financial landscape - if he is allowed to live.

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