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Haunted by Maria Savva

Nigel Price has MURDER on his mind.
He can run but he cannot hide. Nigel's past has come back to haunt him. The truth is, his past has never left him... it follows him without remorse, catching him at every turn. There is no escape.
Regret, guilt, nightmares, despair... these fill his every waking hour and disturb his sleepless nights.
Take a trip inside Nigel's mind, in this dark, psychological thriller with a paranormal twist.......

Love, Lies and Murder (The Charlotte Ross Mysteries) by Evelyn Cullet

Charlotte Ross sees her world about to crumble when the man she’s in love with–her mysterious boss, John Trent— announces his engagement to someone else.
Charlotte’s best friend, dubious globetrotter and mystery author, Jane Marshall, arrives back in town only to stumble across the gruesome corpse of the town’s millionaire industrialist. When Jane becomes determined to find the killer, Charlotte joins forces with her friend to ease her heartbreak. In the process, the two...

Altered Life: (Sam Dyke Investigations Book 1) by Keith Dixon

Making a killing in business is one thing doing it for real is another.
Private Investigator Sam Dyke turns down a job that would require skills that he doesn't have patience, computerliteracy, tact. Then he finds that the skills he does have tenacity, aggression, streetsmarts are exactly the ones he needs for his next case hunting down a coldblooded murderer who seems to know what his every step will be.

Ebb and Flow by Fiona J. Roberts

Julia is all too aware of her failings, unable to cook, nervous and tonguetied at any social event, lacking confidence. Moving to a country cottage in a beautiful but isolated spot is just what she needs to lift her depression and with Mark, her loving husband, new friends and hobbies, life starts to look better.
But in a short time she's displaying a startling change of personality, criticising and belittling her new friends, shoplifting, even giving in to violent tendencies. Is she...

Currents Deep and Deadly by Arleen Alleman

Pragmatic scientist, Darcy Farthing, manages to entertain the reader with her descriptions of Caribbean and South American seaports, while also detailing the horrific and wondrous events that take place during her fourweek adventure. In telling her story, she lays bare the hidden emotions she keeps in a fragile prison of cold logic and denial.
Darcy is already feeling trapped on the gigantic floating village when she accidentally overhears discussions about a murder for hire plot....

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