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#AllUsers by R.A. Barnes

Wielder of special powers by night, solemniser of marriages and distributor of healthcare aids & appliances by day, Tarquin lives for the moment. From a position of power in the asylum he torments his opponents and bestows commodes on others. But a dark and evil force is out to upset Tarquin's applecart. Can he discover the culprit and avoid being named, shamed and imprisoned for embezzlement?
"AllUsers is a satirical novella of earthshattering literary inconsequence." Mrs Murphy......

Large Target (Josephine Fuller Mysteries Book 2) by Lynne Murray

In Large Target, Josephine's second adventure, she travels to San Diego to deal with a worldclass dysfunctional family and a murder with military attitude:
"A woman of my size is supposed to be invisible a factor that often proves useful in my line of work. My very existence bothers some people to the point where they erase me from the landscape. They look, and turn away. So I do my job, go home, take off the pleaseignoreme black polyester pantsuit, and put on my preferred red silk...

Diamond Murders by LR Hatfield

Daisy’s Unique Diamond Designs was known far and wide as the perfect place to buy that special gift. Daisy loved her shop and customers knew she cared about her work and customers due to the amount of time she took with each piece. She was successful and talented believing she had risen above her past, until disaster struck her back into the gutter and left her homeless.
When a homeless person is killed outside the tent Daisy is living in, she meets a former customer, Officer Gavin...

Horror in a Hurry Volume 1: The collected novellas plus two new by FR Maher

Time is a valuable commodity. I know this as I struggle to manage my life in university, hosting major events out of university and my life as a writer. I have become adept at keeping plates spinning – okay, some of them do crash occasionally, but timepoverty can sneak up on you, and when it’s got you trapped it’s a very hard thing to escape. This was the thinking behind creating Horror in a Hurry, stories that could be read in a single sitting. It was a sweet day when Charles de...

Tough Cookie (Maggie Sullivan mysteries Book 2) by M. Ruth Myers

When Depressionera private investigator Maggie Sullivan is invited to dine with a millionaire, she doesn’t expect the first course to be a gun in her face. It draws her into a goldplated web of theft, revenge, double crosses and murder.
A bigtime swindle has made fools of some of the city’s wealthiest businessmen. The man behind it has vanished. When Maggie begins asking questions, he reappears – dead in the river. But she’s already learned too much. Someone’s out to silence...

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