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The Fabric of Murder (The Ashmole Foxe Georgian Mysteries Book by William Savage

Norwich in the 1760s is one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the realm. Its wealth comes from a booming trade in the famous “Norwich Stuffs”—fine worsted cloth, often richly dyed and embroidered. So when a leading clothmanufacturer in the city is murdered and his business seems on the brink of collapse, there is a real fear that a forced sale of his huge stocks of cloth will ruin the trade for everyone else. Who killed him? Who is the strange, unknown, but apparently...

SHADOWBOXER Box Set - 3 Action packed stories: Shadowboxer, by Chris Lowry

Box Set of Shadowboxer, Conscripted and Credible Threat, an incredible trilogy of adventures about the world's luckiest hit man.......

A Ton of Gold (Crystal Moore Suspense Book 1) by James R. Callan

A 178 yearold folktale causes murder, kidnapping, and arson in 2012 Texas. A contemporary suspense novel, in which Crystal Moore, a young computer scientist, is dragged into danger when thugs set out to kill her only living relative, the 76 yearold grandmother who raised her. Crystal has no idea who would want to harm her grandmother, or why. In the midst of murder, arson, and kidnapping, the man who nearly destroyed Crystal emotionally is coming back. This time, he can ruin her career. She...

Leo's Luck by Hugh Ashton

Rock 'n' roll, financial crime, paranormal doings, Tokyo, and some romance with a twist. Are you feeling lucky today, Leo? Let Pig, Scuzz, Duck and Chick answer that.
And then there's Nick and Bobby, guitarists with the Killer Rabbits. Leo's Luck has been described as "Deep-fried sushi". Grab some today.

No Place For Secrets (Fred Vickery Mysteries Book 1) by Sherry Lewis

The first book in the popular Fred Vickery mystery series.
Cutler, Colorado is the kind of town where everybody knows his neighbors and nobody locks their doors. There's always time to chat with a neighbor or enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend, and there's nothing like watching the sunset over Spirit Lake.
But looks can be deceiving.
Fred Vickery is a man of a certain age. A minor heart incident now has his old friend Doc Huggins warning him to avoid cholesterol, salt, and...

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