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Girls of Dirt by C. C. Hogan

Series Two, Book One.
It is five hundred years since the end of the great wars, and Pree and Farthing's hopes of a new world are in tatters. The dragons are nothing more than children's tales, the population of Dirt is smaller, tiny countries are ruled by greedy kings and humans are poorer and struggling.
But on the Isle of Hope, the weather is warm, the life is good and Silvi Farthing, the seventeenyearold descendant of Johnson and Mistry, is making cheese and keeping goats.

AL CLARK (A Sci-Fi Adventure)(Book One) by Jonathan G. Meyer

Four giant starships left Earth, traveling in different directions and looking for a new start; hoping to find a substitute for home.
They sought a virgin planet that had not been ravaged by climate change, crime, and overcrowding.
Each ship was populated by the best Earth had to offer and sent to one of the four best possible exoplanets discovered by man.
This is the story of the starship Excalibur, and the adventures of its brave passengers.
• • • • • • • • •...

Retribution (The Gunsmith Chronicles Book 2) by Brian Takahashi

Following the end of his trial, Treacy finds that he is not out of the woods from his hunt. Yan Lou has threatened the god realm and is preparing for war. Kannon, in serious condition, flees to the human realm to hide from Yan Lou and find Wildcard. Walter continues to scour Ryan’s orated dream from his coma hoping for an epiphany as to Ryan’s character. Any confusion to his person or place in time could jeopardize Walter’s intentions on the future. As for Treacy, the only things he is...

Rise of the Dreadwolves (Dreadwolf Series Book 1) by Marie Pennington

Tozi's growing angrier by the day at the Aztec's murdering sprees, and setting wolves free isn't stopping Priest from his murderous ways.
If Tozi could convince her Father to fight back maybe her people would have a chance for survival. But can she convince him to help her fight back? Or will she find herself in too deep to help anyone, including herself?
The Goddess Xochiquetzal, is just as upset with all the murders at Priest Itzcoatl's hands. Deciding take matters into her own...

Epiworld by Tracey Morait

Britain 2099. All human diseases have been eradicated by genetic cleansing, but there are still people who are 'unclean' and locked away in institutions. Travis is one of them, until one day Dr Alexander helps him to escape to a world where nothing makes sense. Travis has powerful seizures which take him and his new friend Demi on a quest through time to seek and destroy Chase, the man he hates. Along the way he has to deal with shocks, surprises, traumas, and death, until at last he ends up...

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