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George Knows by Mindy Mymudes

An egotistical magical basset hound named George believes it's his duty to train and protect his 12yearold Girlpup, a greenwitch named Karly. He and his Girlpup, must solve a murder as well as save their park from being developed. George is the perfectly designed familiar for the job.......

Wolfram: The Search For the Golden Pen by Jackie Williams

When pens stop working and books make no sense, two boys discover the keeper of their written languages, in fact the keeper of their whole world, is in danger. With the help of out of this world new friends, they test themselves as well as their enemies to restore order and protect the future.......

The Grasp of Time (Amakai Book 1) by various

Eila Corbin, a modernday university student, is pulled into a fantastical future where magic and technology are at odds, and mythical beings live among the mundane. While Eila avoids the deadly hands that brought her through time, she finds help from a dwarf, a dragon, and a love that cannot return with her.
The Grasp of Time is the first volume in the newadult slipstream series, Amakai. This series is linked to coloring pages and invites readers to interact with the story.......

The Portal Prophecies: Sleeping Sands by C.A. King

It’s the final meeting of the camp before Willow and her friends find themselves whisked away to different schools hidden all over the main world. When Cassandrhea Tibbins interrupts, changes in plans are set in motion. With ‘The Empowered’ newspaper, run by the Quidnunks, continuing to pipe out damaging articles about Willow, there is no choice but to hide her from everyone. Never has she felt so isolated and helpless. It will take all of Willow’s strength to muster enough courage...

Call of the Waters (Elemental Realms Book 2) by H. L. Burke

After decades of Elemental War, humans are rebuilding their civilization from the ground up. Empathic healer, Quill, lives on an isolated farm, hiding from her family's turbulent, war torn past. However, when the voices of Water Elementals force their way into her thoughts, Quill fears she will bring destruction upon those she loves.
Help arrives from an unlikely source, her mother's estranged father. Eanan hasn't seen his daughter since she eloped with Quill's dad. Now, in spite of the...

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