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Extinction: A Col Sec Thriller by Jan Domagala

In Ronin we were introduced to Captain Tony Storm, call sign Guardian and his team, Hacker and Cowboy, in Extinction they take centre stage.
A quarter of a century before, a plan to enhance the military goes terribly wrong and is covered up, something that General Sinclair, the Head of Col Sec has had to deal with ever since.
An attack on a defunct base in deep space by an old enemy threatens to unleash a horror on mankind that could cause its end.
Guardian and his team find...

Beautiful Experiment (Teen Paranormal Fantasy Romance) (Island by January Valentine

Six unruly teens are abducted on their way to a juvie home. Dumped onto an uncharted island. Could things get any worse? Hell, yeah. Hostility and envy run rampant. Throw in some alphas, divas and demons, and what do you have? Beautiful Experiment. Book One of the Island of Defiance Trilogy.
The teens are referred to as waywards, informed their parents have sent them to the island for rehabilitation. While they struggle with their predicament, and each other, they come to a shocking...

Ardalia: The Flames of the Immolated (Book Three) by Alan Spade

The great hunt had begun, and the hevelens were the prey. When would it end, and how? Impossible to predict…
With the malian army defeated, the forces of Destruction are laying siege to the Gate of the Canyons and spreading out over the Windy Steppes. For every child of the wind or the water captured and hurled into the Great Rift, a Nylev, a firebeing, is born. Pelmen, Laneth, Lominan and ElisanFinella must convince the krongos to join them in their desperate struggle, but only a...

The Chasm and the Collision by Robert Elessar

Middleschool students Alex, Meghan, and Simon discover a cluster of delightfully fragrant, irresistibly delicious berries in the fruit bowl in Alex’s house. Assuming the berries to have been bought by Alex’s mother, they eat them all. But this fruit is like nothing ever grown on Earth.
That night, the friends share a dream about an impossible citymountain floating at the edge of a horizonspanning cliff with no other side, just an endless rusty sky. Over the next few days, they...

Earth Last Sanctuary (Universe in Flames Book 1) by Christian Kallias

5 stars: "I absolutely loved this book! The author has a writing style that kept me hooked from the first word until the last. I loved the story and he did an amazing job telling it. And that ending! I'll only say that I did not see it coming and I can't wait for the next one! Read this book! Kallias does not disappoint." Van Warren
Synopsis: When the evil Obsidian Empire delivers a deathblow against the Star Alliance, fighter pilot Lieutenant Chase Athanatos leads a band of scattered...

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