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A Changed Reality (The Steele Novels Book 4) by David L Atkinson

Patrick A Steele has discovered an injustice which involves organised crime and kidnapping for the sex trade and he applies his unique skillset to disrupt the evil group behind these heinous atrocities. This fourth Steele novel continues the association of our hero with the Japanese Gurentai one of whom he is becoming increasingly romantically attached to but is it reciprocated? When weekend rioting seems to be driven by some hidden force Patrick and his confederates travel in the UK and...

The Special Relationship (The End of Days Trilogy. Book 1) by Sirius Alexander

In the future, old alliances, long accepted national borders and political hegemony will have entered a state of flux. This book looks forwards to a world not far removed from our own. Allowing the reader a glimpse through the looking glass, into a world none of us truly wish to experience, but perhaps secretly wonder whether we would survive?
If your world was reversed, how would you react? If your best friend was threatened by an old ally, what would you do? What happens if one day you...

The Chronic Mansion by Azhar Sabri

This is the story of three school boys who are coming back from a friend’s birthday party at night. They saw a girl who is waiting for help due to over fueling of her car. They were a little drunk and raped her in the chronic mansion. Later they came to know that she was their classmate. They thought that she will complain against us; so, they killed her and what happened afterwards… Read to know more.......

Smartbrain (Penchant Series Book 1) by G. F. Smith

An eerily predictive, 2-part Novel
New Consumer Tech: Smartphone Device Interfaces with the Human Brain.
Sarah Whiting, young, attractive, techsavvy homebody, researcher by trade, accepts a potentially lucrative offer to join a product/market analysis team that is performing the final evaluation of the believed technological breakthrough of the century before its release to the public.

Truthbearer's Daughters: The Journeys of Connor Clark, Book 3 by Hans Erdman

These are the words that Connor Clark and his beautiful wife Iolena Yaleria live by. These are the words that mean everything to the Truthbearer and his Guardian, and the four daughters who are their family.
Alenia, the fiery, redheaded Captain of the Borderlands Rangers, shares her mother’s green eyes and passionate love for the Aerielands, and the oldest daughter’s sense of duty to her family. Whenever and wherever she is needed, she is...

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