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The Sound of Sirens by David Carter

The ancient city of Chester, Friday night, and the weekend starts here. High summer, skimpy fashions, short skirts, tight jeans, it’s a hot night, and the town’s relaxed.
It’s 11pm and the pubs are beginning to close. The band has just finished playing; packing their instruments away, but the night is young.
A young man enters the still crowded pub. Walks up to the small stage. Pulls out a handgun and empties four shots into the lead singer. One, two, three four.
Waves the...

Banjo and Angel by Paul Day

When his best friend in the whole world goes missing, Banjo goes on a great adventure to find his Angel. He searches the farm, the forest, along the coast and even in the big city before he finally sees her, only to discover she is trapped. Banjo must rescue his friend and help her escape and return her to the farm where they belong.
This picture book is designed to be read a s a very first junior novel. The colorful pictures help tell the story, which is broken up into short chapters of...

Midnight: Book 1- Dawn by Conner Faller

The ancient struggle for power between good and evil of Light and Darkness between the Tribe and the Hive that ended long ago shall no longer sleep. The time has come for the war to be brought back to life by several warriors of the Hive that remain on Earth, warrior who will see to it that darkness will rise to power once more. With the leader of the Tribe on Earth growing weaker, they plan to gather the Mirror Shards and reopen the portals connecting their world and the Earth. Now with the...

Lore: The Old World by Chad T. Douglas

Thomas Crowe is gone. The maniacal Captain Jack Darcy and the Order of the Blood Moon have taken the crew of the Roatán Butterfly prisoner; The Eight, a secretive band of immortalkillers, are quickly and comfortably seizing control of the British Empire, and Molly Bishop is sailing against her will into faraway waters.
In Bombay, the Seventh, a powerful and mysterious woman from Molly’s recent past, waits to doublecross the Blood Moons and turn Molly and her friends over to the Bureau...

September Moon: A Terrifying Short Story by Bryan W. Alaspa

They're building homes in the place where Gemini Labs used to be. Nice ones, but the land there, they say, is cursed. Cursed because of the experiments the scientists at Gemini used to do. Hushed experiments. Things done to animals, for example.
Now, as the men show up for work, something waits for them. Something that has been hunting beneath the harvest September moon. Something with teeth. Something that growls. Hungers. Perhaps even more...

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