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The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene by David Carter

Have you ever been in love? Was it good for you? Would you do it again? Gringo Greene has never been in love. That's half his problem.
But when a young woman gives in her notice at Dryden Engineering no one really cared that much, except perhaps Gringo Greene.
In her absence he dives into a series of frantic affairs that will change his life forever, but can he find happiness and contentment, and more to the point, will he ever be able to forget her?
The Life and Loves of Gringo...

Bia's War by Joanna Larum

Who is Simon? Why does this frail old lady search for him by night, wandering the streets in her nightdress, unable to remember who she is and where she lives.
Her tale, told to her granddaughter when she is in possession of her wits, paints a picture of dark and dastardly events on the home front during the First World War.......

Trespass (P.I. Johnson Carmichael Series - Book 1) by Stephen Edger

TRESPASS (P.I. Johnson Carmichael Series - Book 1)
Fear, murder, revenge, and suspense: Trespass is a gritty British thriller examining the horrifying effects of sexual assault.

OF MASTERS AND SLAVES Vol. 2: Splendors and miseries of small by Kader Rawat

While settlers and slaves coming from distant regions experienced various fortunes and miseries, some are becoming rich and fortunate while others remained poor and are leading à miserable life, As time passed by, a society quite complex is revealed. We are going to follow two families settlers, rich and poor, in their daily lives, in their happiness and problem. At the dawn of a society which was still in search of its identity and at that period of slavery, tongues are being loosened,...

Benghazi and Beyond (An Isaac Jones Thriller) by various

Isaac Jones is a Major in the US Army assigned to a Ranger Battalion. He's approached with a simple question, "If you could do something about the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the murder of four American citizens on September 11, 2012, would you?"
After agreeing to take on the task he finds it's just the beginning of his nation calling on his services to protect the homeland. Including a new threat from North Korea and someone with a grudge against former President...

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