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Year of the Vampire by Sakurapu

Ivy's meticulous plans for the perfect freshman high school year takes a wrong turn when a new student drags his shadow of decadesold baggage into class. With her best friends spending their time with new boyfriends and the school's steampunk production of Romeo and Juliet, Ivy has extra time on her hands. Drawn to the gloomy old mansion on the edge of town, she discovers something, or somethings, lurking in the shadows of life. She soon attracts the wrong kind of attention.
And there's...

What Happened in Vienna, Jack? by Daniel Kemp

What does an armed robbery in London’s Charing Cross Road in July 1972 have to do with a meeting held in Vienna thirtyfive years earlier?
What connects the wartime survival of a Jewish man who worked in the offices of the Chancellor of Austria to the murder of a Catholic priest some twenty years after the end of the Second World War?
What has the slaughter of three hundred Nama tribe folk at their settlement in Namibia got to do with the UnderSecretaryGeneral of the United...

The Soul of Adam Short by David J. O'Brien

The cares of life are beginning to cloud fifteenyearold Adam Short's carefree existence. Important exams are looming, his girlfriend Julie thinks he's unfocused, and right now he's about to be late for the school trip. Neither his teacher, nor Julie, will be pleased if he misses the bus.
Adam has much bigger problems when, in an extraordinary accident, his soul is torn from his body. His body loses all consciousness−reduced to a mere automaton existence: eating when food is put in its...

Her Reality (Reyna's Blood Book 1) by Jaliza Burwell

Warriors: Big strong beings who keep the order among the supernatural.
Reyna Havana is supposed to be a warrior, but she isn’t. The real warriors don’t like her for it. She’s a halfbreed, a weird genetic mutt, and they’ve done nothing but tell her so since she was a little girl, predicting events yet to happen and picking up emotions that should have been hidden. And when they learned she really wasn't one of them when she turned age eighteen, well she couldn't get away fast...

Splintered Ice by Stuart G. Yates

Jed is lost in suffering after his mother walks out on him and his mother. After he saves a man from drowning in the local park, a series of dangerous and confusing events is set in motion.
Love, fear, hate, violence. Who can he trust, and who does he really know? This journey only has one destination.
Splintered Ice is an intriguing story of suspense, mystery and horror, where the unexpected abounds in a twisted series of related incidents guaranteed to keep the pages turning long...

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