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The Portal Prophecies: Deadly Perceptions by C.A. King

With Hilary gone, Willow finds herself at the mercy of the elves. There is some strange connection between the elves and recent events. The elf realm holds so many answers she so desperately needs. It won't be easy though. Strict rules have been broken and someone needs to pay the price. In her journey to discovery, she is guaranteed to meet new friends and find new adventures. Unfortunately, there is also a new enemy lurking in the shadows. Can the prophecies help her this time? Will anyone...

They Came to Help Us by Lynn Whyte-Heath

"Aged thirtyfive, Charlotte had led an idealistic lifestyle under the regime of the Martians who came to Earth to save us from selfdestruction in the year 2015.
On the birth of her second daughter Holly, Charlotte began to realize that all was not has it appeared. There had been a price for the help the Martians had given. Was the cost too high?
Having being kept in the dark for thirtyfive years, she was now on a mission to complete her education, fighting against her family’s advice...

Eli's Coming (Chasing The Night Book 1) by Darcia Helle

Eli’s dark legacy holds murder as his rite of passage. They say his ability is a gift. He calls it a curse. A life of violence and heartache leaves him with nothing left to fight for.
Or so he thinks.
Amanda steals his heart, but love makes him vulnerable. He must give her up or accept who he is and fight.
Will he risk stepping into the darkness that could consume him?

In the Blood by Scott Skipper

George Washington Skipper was a man with secrets. He kept multiple wives in two states, spawned at least sixteen children, adopted three, spent four years in the Confederate Army, was shot twice and lived to eightyfive. Then there was one more thing and a hundred years later the family is still scandalized over it.
This fictionalized account of my ancestor's remarkable life will probably get me struck from the Thanksgiving guest list, but those who aren't related will be amazed and...

HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand: Mystirio Astronomiki by Christopher Meeker

HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand ~ Mystirio Astronomiki is the twofisted tale of Edgar J. Hawthorne who in the summer of 1835, sets out on a journey to investigate claims of a fantastic discovery made by the Royal Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.
Traveling with the Royal Air Brigade on the H.M.A. Stratos, England's newest airship, Edgar and the crew are attacked by marauders. Badly damaged and in need of repair, the Stratos is forced down into the jungles of...

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