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Death In July by Michael Joseph

When retired war veteran Geoffrey Compton is found dead in his home, all the evidence points to suicide. However, his son Benjamin suspects there was more to the death and hires maverick excop Sam Carlisle to investigate. Sam discovers a number of Geoffrey's old acquaintances have also passed away recently in suspicious circumstances, leading him to believe somebody is exacting revenge on these people, snuffing out their lives in the most calculating manner. To prevent more fatalities, Sam...

The WITCH of the MARSH: Book Three of a Series (5-Ever Series 3) by Tammy Berg

Unbeknown to Josie, an ageold rivalry existed between her Gran and Delfia, the Marsh Witch, something Gran had kept to herself for many years.
On finding out, Jo is surprised how deep and brutal their competition went.
While knowing she would do whatever it took, she would have to save her Gran from the manipulative Marsh Witch…

Minus Life by Stuart G. Yates

What will we do when our home planet has had enough?
The world is dying. In the face of soaring pollution, overpopulation and rising sea level, the ruling elite comes up with a bold, yet terrible plan. When the mastermind behind it backs away and hides the ingenious scheme from the world, his life is suddenly threatened from the most unexpected quarter.
Detective Bremen is tired. He's seen it all and he's sick of life, his own and the world’s. The only good thing is his son, Petie....

While you forgot me (Lost and found Book 2) by Amanda Steel

The conclusion in the 2 part Lost and found series. Kayla is a single mother, while Nathan's memory loss means he has no memory of her or their daughters. When Jason comes into Kayla's shop to buy two of Nathan's paintings, she ends up giving him a job and it's obvious she has an attraction to him. She just can't stop thinking about Nathan and waiting for him to remember her. He's her first love and the father of her children, so she thought they would spend the rest of their lives...

Lady Luck (Weston Family Series Book 2) by Julie Lence

Females are man's worst enemy. Charming, beautiful; they can rip a man to shreds without batting an eye...
Lucas Weston is living proof of the damage a woman can cause. Determined to keep another woman from running roughshod over his heart, Lucas has garnered the reputation of a man who favors flirting and wild times between the sheets with the soiled doves. When he's roped into taking to the trail to escort Missy Morgan back to her home in San Francisco, Lucas isn't too pleased, until he...

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