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Bachelorettes on Parade by Felicia Mires

Will you parade your assets?
Marissa Green can scarcely think after the death of her parents. When her pastor urges her to an allexpenses paid vacation at a new Destin Beach resort, she agrees. When she arrives, she's shocked to learn that she's been added to the list of bachelorettes vying for the attention of Seth Jernigan. Not only is he the owner of the resort, but his bachelor show is all the rage in the Florida panhandle.
Marissa isn't sure she's up to competing with nine other...

Killing Spree: 10 Brutal Ebooks In One Bloody Bundle by various

They are driven to kill by the numbers, the more the better. To them it’s a lifestyle choice, to the authorities it’s a game of cat and mouse. One thing is for sure though, these serial killers don’t mess around. Snatch up this collection and you’ll be left hunting down more stories once you’re finished because you won't be able to get enough.
Table of Contents
1. "The Greatest Serial Killer in the Universe" by Robert Jeschonek
2. "Calling Dead" by Dean Wesley Smith

A Girl Can Only Take So Much by La'Quana Jones

This is a story about the struggles of a young woman name Ginger who wants to have a good relationship with her mother and her baby daddy, Dwayne. She stays with him after finding out he is a pimp and he has children by other woman. When she decides to leave Dwayne for Tamont he becomes angry and beats her nearly to death. Will she leave Dwayne for good and be with Tamont?
Her cousin, Sparkle lives the fast life and is involved in selling drugs, prostitution and robing...

Stop That Turtle (A Zippy Adventure Book 2) by Beth Lauzier

Who knew turtles could go so fast?
As Kobe is on the ride of his life, Zippy must find a way to stop that turtle.
Maybe it’s a good thing turtles go slow after all.

Genetically Privileged - Redux by A. W. Daniels

Kirkus Indie, a Kirkus review service writes "Daniels skillfully develops a sense of threat. An inventive, intriguing novel. Animated plot with thoughtful questions posed about genetic manipulation.
Midwest Book Review says "Genetically Privileged is an insightful spin of science fiction exploring genetic engineering. Recommended."
Genetically Privileged is the first of a series that tells the compelling story of a couple desperate for parenthood. Upon reuniting with with an old...

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