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Living At Flashpoint; The Art of Sustaining the Spontaneous by Mary Thomas Sala

Since the beginning of civilization, master performing artists, shaman and mystics have held an honored position in our collective human culture. Living at Flashpoint provides a detailed accessible guide, which completely shifts your perspective on life. It is a modern guide to an everyday awareness, showing all of us the way to a greater expression and experience of our own mystical and sacred nature. These are the spiritual life secrets we all should learn and pass down from generation to...

A Woman's Faith by Kimberly DuBoise

This book examines the definition of faith and looks at how we as women benefit from clearly defining faith in our own lives and implementing this faith in our life.......

Cindy Lou And Sammy Too go To The Mall, The Adventure Of A by Cheryl McNeil Fisher

Come along and have some fun with Cindy and Sammy. They will teach you about blindness and a guide dog team. Sammy is proud of his job. He is a handsome Golden Retriever who will make you laugh as you learn!

Dance Over Me: Will the bright lights of the stage steal her by Candee Fick

Danielle Lefontaine, a fledgling actress raised to the lullaby of Broadway, searches for her longlost brother and her place on the stage. But when a jealous cast member threatens to drop the curtain on her dreams, Danielle fears her one brilliant moment in the spotlight is about to become a dim memory.
Alex Sheridan is living his dream. Playing the trumpet. Helping run his family s dinner theater. But there s a hole in his soul that can only be filled with the love of that "someone...

Piggy Sense!: Save it for a rainy day by Reed Moore

Piggy Sense! is a fun educational children's book that will instill in children the basic fundamentals of work ethics, saving money, and spending wisely.......

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