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Climb the Mountain by David R. Beshears

On October 12, 2007, a young soldier is injured in Afghanistan. For the next two years, as he is moved from Bagram to Germany to Walter Reed to Palo Alto and finally home to Washington State, his family never leaves his side. And throughout those years, his father writes daily emails to family and friends, chronicling the journey from a dusty road in Afghanistan to the snowy summit of Mt. Rainier.
Memoir chronicling a family’s struggle to bring their son back from the depths of severe...

Stranger Abduction by Billy Chitwood

It is a sunny Sunday in May, 1993. After church, a mother and her lovely fourteenyear old daughter walk three miles to a country store for cigarettes and ice cream. It is a walk members of the family often take in this rural Sulphur Springs Valley area of southeastern Arizona near the Mexican border.
The mother and daughter arrive at the store in a jovial mood, trading pleasantries with customers and the owners... The daughter timidly flirts with a boy from her school. The daughter and...

Alternate Currents by Arleen Alleman

Author Darcy Farthing is living in Washington, DC, with her fiancé, Mick Clayton. They are enjoying a much needed respite from trauma and crime fighting while preparing for a wedding and a romantic cruise. Everything changes when an alarming phone call halts their plans. A good friend, Charlie Scott, has mysteriously disappearedthe apparent victim of an abduction.
Against Mick's wishes, on an impulse and without much thought of consequences, Darcy flies to Seattle to help Charlie's...

The Sixth Republic by Howard Robinson

What happens when the country you have always called home decides you're not welcome anymore?
A new novel, which imagines what life might be like in France under a future Far Right President as told through the stories of a series of different characters,
The Sixth Republic is Howard Robinson’s third novel. It begins with France having elected her first Far Right President, Marianne Mercier, who wastes no time in moving to create a nation only for those she deems to be

How to Choose an Energy Healer: What to Look For In an Energy by Marijo Puleo

Energy healing techniques can further uncover the root causes of pain and dysfunction and can offer the possibility for deeper healing.
How do you find a trusted and professional energy healer without wasting time and money?
This guide will educate you on what you MUST know when looking for and working with an energy practitioner. It can help you pinpoint authentic professionals who can become a valuable resource in your health journey.
You will discover:
How energy healing...

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