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VOYAGE TO LIGHT II by Oliver Frances

dips into man’s soul and mind, showing that what each of us seeks actually is inside us. The collection of stories and essays takes readers on a trip that:
Reasons about individual's feelings.
Dives into your own mind to gauge the size of it depending on your ambitions.
Presents sex as a source of powerful energy.
Attempts to figure out your purpose in life.
Bonus: Ideas Short Story......

Filled With the Holy Spirit by Mary DeKok Blowers

Hello! If you've downloaded this book before, paid or free, download it again or update it in your Kindle "Manage your Devices and Content." Why? There is now a free offer for another book included! Hope you'll take advantage of it & happy reading.
Get closer to God. Read this neverbefore published testimony revealing my spiritual growth after surrendering my life to Christ. Filled with Christian Bible Scripture and practical steps you can take in your search for peace and a walk with...

Circus Tarot by Charles W. Jones

Mary's and Darrin's life is what some would call "dull". Every day they follow a ritual of habit, starting the moment they wake in the morning. That is until Mary buys a deck of Tarot Cards from an old women at the consignment shop, then Mary and Darrin are drawn into the dark world of the Circus Tarot with a lusty Devil, carnivorous Clowns and the other malevolent denizens of World Circus. Mary and Darrin must fight for their safety and make a disturbing deal with the inhabitants of World...

Shadow Notes: A Clara Montague Mystery (Clara Montague by Laurel S. Peterson

Clara Montague didn’t want to go home to Connecticut for Christmas. Her mother Constance never seemed to like her—or her intuitive dreams about the people she loved. Clara tried to warn her mother that her father was about to have a heart attack, but Constance wouldn’t listen—and her father died.
Now living in Europe, Clara dreams her mother is in terrible danger, and can’t ignore it. Shortly after she returns, her mother’s therapist (and former lover) Hugh Woodward is...

Mara's Move by Jean C. Gordon

Mara Riley is out to prove she can make it on her own and to disprove her mother's contention that the only way to securityand therefore happinessis to marry a successful doctor or lawyer. But with her job as an activity director at a North Carolina mountain resort on shaky ground and her penchant for choosing all the wrong men, Mara's not scoring high in the pursuit of either security or happiness.Alex Price is on the rebound from a broken engagement. Who would have guessed his s...

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