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The Scent of Home by Alan T. McKean

The Scent of Home by Alan T. McKean

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Drew Faulkner and Lucy Oxford's wedding is set. Russian Anton Devranov arrives with mystery lady friend Svetlana Simeonova. "Svetlana" proves to be Drew's former girlfriend Meryl Scott. Drew is needed for another mission. An enemy timetraveling organization wants to convince Confederate General Robert E. Lee to accept British help in winning the Civil War. If successful, the United States will become two nations, weakening and rendering it ineffective in war. Drew, Meryl and Angus McTurk complete their mission, rescuing former slave Sebastian and watching Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg. But the time machine breaks down in 1759. They are thrown into the Seven Years War. Worse yetDrew realizes he loves Meryl and must tell Lucy and MiLing. Meanwhile, Meryl seems attracted to Native American Kitchi. When they return to Bellefield, Drew has missed his wedding. His relationship with Lucy has soured. Anton must be rescued from prison, having been falsely accused of murdering missing "Svetlana." Caleb Bryant appears to carry out the threat that ended The Scent of Time, kidnapping MiLing and promising her release in exchange for Lucy. Drew challenges Bryant to a duel. Bryant is arrested. Drew's problems continue. Meryl returns to Kitchi. Lucy hates Drew for his unfaithfulness. MiLing is gravely ill. Drew realizes that God is real and that only God can help. He and Lucy mend their broken relationship and reset their wedding. MiLing is thrilled, but just as Drew and Lucy start to celebrate the happiest day of their lives, Bryant escapes. Will he ruin the wedding?...

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