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Jennie Orbell - Author. Blogger of Stuff and Nonsense. Jennie Orbell
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An offbeat look at life - and everyday stuff and nonsense.

Amanda Sington-Williams Writer Amanda Sington-Williams
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Interview about my book Just Two Weeks plus a competition to win a copy! I hope you’re not fed up with me bleating on about my novel, but I want to post this interview as it covers much more than the usual. Within the interview there are three short extracts from the book so you can have a peep at the writing.

Always-hanging-around Mark King
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Looking at life through the eyes of Mark King the author.

Jay Norry Jay Norry
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Updates, chapter reveals, and life as an indie author.

CJ Morrow - the inside stories CJ Morrow
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When I don't like what's going on in the world, I write another one. Join me. I am a writer, word weaver, lover of things curious, unseen and unexplainable, general wordy person. Always watching. I love to write about everyday life as though viewed side on – I like to catch the object which moves in the corner of your eye and disappears when you turn. I’m fascinated by the ordinary man, or woman, who isn’t quite what they seem. I like to see the magic and mystery in every situation and relationship. Life intrigues me and I find much of it funny.

Rediscovering Enid Blyton and the Famous Five Readers Gazette
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My first Blyton book was a Noddy book, I can still remember sitting in bed as a four year old at my grand-parents house in Beddgelert, a little village that looked out over Snowdonia, the wind and rain pelted against the windows that wintry evening but I was safely tucked up in my holiday bed reading and re-reading my Noddy goes to Town book. I can not be sure if my fascination with books started at that moment of time or before but I do still fondly remember the feeling of being cosy and warm and totally lost within a book...

The Writer's Journey Marguerite Madden
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Tips on writing, marketing ideas, social networking, and updates on my works in progress.

Author Pam Funke Pam Funke
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I am the proud grand-daughter of a pastor and have spent the majority of my life in the church. I love serving God and living a Christian life. I am a Christian author who enjoys writing many different things. My love of reading and writing led me to write for the enjoyment of others. Besides reading and writing, I enjoy photography, cooking, painting, drawing, scrap-booking and anything creative actually.

WrongPlaceAtTheWrongTime David P Perlmutter
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Hello and welcome. I hope that when you delve into the contents of my blog, something will catch you eye. There are many books from talented authors to enjoy, book reviews and so much more.

D.S. Williams, Author D.S. Williams
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The place to come for random thoughts and vague musings from the dark recesses of the mind of D.S. Williams, Author.

The Sherlockian Ramblings of Paul Stuart Hayes Paul Stuart Hayes
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A place to keep up to date with 'Requiem for Sherlock Holmes', my future writings, upcoming Hidden Tiger releases, reviews, and anything Holmes related.

Creating With Kohla Sarah Hindmarsh
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Sarah Hindmarsh writes children's books and writers' handbooks. She blogs on the subject of engaging children with reading and is passionate about opening up children's lives to the magic of the written word. Feedback, questions and comments are strongly encouraged.

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