Which Witch Are You?
Which Witch Are You? By taking our 2 minute personality test we will determine which TV witch best suits your character. Are you cute and innocent like Sabrina, motherly like Samantha, as sensual as Phoebe or as cunning and mean as Endora.

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How to Write Humour

How to Write Humour

Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it, you might say. Write something funny. But is it that easy? Think about it. How many programmes on TV have some people rolling about in hysterics, and leave others cold? Do you see what I mean? Humour is a personal thing, and the hardest part about writing it is that if you try too hard, it falls flat. If that happens too often in your book, then the reader will give up. That is something you seriously do not want to happen. So, how to write humour. It isn’t as...
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Miss Marple

Miss Marple

Elspeth McGillicuddy is not a woman usually given to hallucinations. But when she witnesses what appears to be a woman being strangled on a train and no one else sees it, no one reports it and no corpse is found she turns to her old friend Jane Marple to help solve the puzzle. When you have finished reading this article please take the quiz.
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The World Is not Really Flat, You Know

The World Is not Really Flat, You Know

Journalism – and more seriously – writing, completely sucks today for the most part, despite the enormous democratization of the publishing movement. In fact, it sucks so much that even when your intention is to do serious work and contribute to the public dialog in a meaningful way, most people just assume you’re looking for a job. As a case in point, yesterday I spoke to the Head of Communications for a major multinational company. I told him that I wanted to write a 10,000-25,000 word...
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Short Stories

Kevin Smiled

Kevin Smiled

David Thomas looked at his watch. 2:00 pm, he couldn’t keep them outside any longer He got up walked to the door and opened it. “Take your seats, QUIETLY.” He told the class as they filed through the door. He’d already had enough of this but at fifty five he had to hang on that bit longer before he retired. Education had changed, and not for the better in his opinion. When he’d been at school the teachers were like gods. The children respected them, and those that didn’t, knew enough to be...
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I Am Demo-Man

I Am Demo-Man

Gaston stepped over the wreckage of the huge wooden doors, tiptoeing around the bodies of the tellers and guards. The vault gleamed silver, a red light blinking on the screen of its fancy lock system. “Fire, Boss?” Henchman 1 asked, peeking out of the mini tanks hatch. “No,” Gaston said, waving his red-gloved hand dismissively. “The canon will not take this door. You take it out on the steps and destroy the law enforcement; I hear the sirens now.” Henchman 1 closed the hatch and turned the...
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Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury

Alex Benton was a survivor. Most everyone in his city was. Those who had escaped the wrath of the Gods as the Preacher told it. “Hell Hath No Fury,” the Preach had said, his voice pounding into his brain. “No fury like a spurned God. He shall raise His Mighty Fist and pound into dust those who have defiled his sacred garden!” The words sang through Alex's mind like the razor edge of a saw through wood. Standing at a bit over six foot tall, he was a mere twelve years old, but to most people...
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Programmed for Kids, This Film Festival Has Adults Lining Up, Too

21 February 2018 | 12:00 pm NYT > Books

The New York International Children’s Film Festival, which runs through March 18, offers 15 features, nine shorts programs and virtual reality....

Books of The Times: American Blindness, Abroad and at Home

21 February 2018 | 2:39 pm NYT > Books

In “Political Tribes,” Amy Chua argues that elite Americans underestimate the power of sectarianism, domestically and internationally....

Profile: The Redemption of Chris Hughes

21 February 2018 | 6:50 pm NYT > Books

The Facebook co-founder’s rise was meteoric. He argues that the same forces that helped him succeed have made it harder for others. In a new book, “Fair Shot,” he proposes a bold solution....

'Blue Dreams': How mood-altering drugs saved author Lauren Slater from depression

21 February 2018 | 11:20 am GANNETT Syndication Service

The author of 'Prozac Diary' now writes 'Blue Dreams,' a look at how mood-altering drugs have "changed our minds." A 3-star book review.         ...

'The Food Explorer': The intrepid botanist who brought avocados and more to our shores

21 February 2018 | 12:48 pm GANNETT Syndication Service

Daniel Stone explores David Fairchild's life of plant espionage for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A 3-star book review of 'The Food Explorer.'         ...

Ebooks are not 'stupid' – they're a revolution

21 February 2018 | 10:53 am Books | The Guardian

The head of publisher Hachette has claimed ebooks are a failure – but as an author and a reader, they’ve completely changed my lifeI was a relatively late convert to the e-reader, getting my Kindle five years ago when it became clear that reading 600-pages of A Suitable Boy while breastfeeding wasn’t going to work. After a frenzied few months of almost exclusive e-reading, I returned largely to the traditional printed book for a number of reasons: screen fatigue, a tendency to scrawl in...

The many tongues of Lost in Books, the only bookstore in Fairfield

21 February 2018 | 12:00 pm Books | The Guardian

Most of Fairfield, in Sydney’s west, speaks a language other than English – and now it has a bookstore to matchWalking into Lost in Books is a little like walking into a daydream. Models of hot air balloons float near a ceiling covered in billowing white fabric. Bookshelves line one wall, murals adorn another. The gently sloping floor is carpeted in bright colours. A pile of cushions and soft toys is heaped in a corner beside some armchairs and a piano sits opposite. It’s a stark contrast...

Only half of pre-school children being read to daily, UK study finds

21 February 2018 | 1:00 pm Books | The Guardian

Survey finds proportion of toddlers having story time fell by a fifth in five years The proportion of toddlers being read to every day has dropped by a fifth over the last five years, according to research warning that the decline is a significant threat to child development.The annual Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer survey from Nielsen Book Research, interviewed 1,596 parents of 0 to 13-year-olds, and 417 14 to 17-year-olds in the UK last autumn. It found that while 69% of...

How Much Magic Can ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Make on Broadway?

21 February 2018 | 8:21 am NYT > Books

The theater that will house the play has been rebuilt in the hope that it will run for many, many years. So why is J.K. Rowling worried?...

Mitch Albom plans sequel to 'Five People You Meet in Heaven'

21 February 2018 | 9:31 am GANNETT Syndication Service

Publisher Harper says Mitch Albom's 'The Next Person You Meet in Heaven' is coming out Oct. 16.         ...


French Saviour
by Jackie from Australia
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It was in the centre of Paris that I was run over. Our ever-faithful bicycles were used to the maximum around the city. It was rush hour, and the reputation the Parisians have of being the worst drivers in the world was justified. Admittedly, we were on the pavement, studiously avoiding the square-hatted policemen who had told me off earlier that day for riding on the path.
We were sitting at the lights, and when pedestrians were shown the green light, off I sped. A lady in a small car hurtled around the corner through the red light, we collided. Actually, I pushed myself off the car, only knowing too well that I could be sucked under. All eight lanes of traffic came to a halt; Paris came to a standstill. The lady in the car was distraught; I was shocked.
Without really knowing what happened, a tall, handsome man picked me up and almost carried me to the pavement, while crooning, ‘Madam, you are ok, non? You are not hurt, non? Madam, you fell like a ballerina, like poetry. I am so sorry. You come all this way to our country to visit and this is what we do to you? I am so sorry, madam. What can we do to make it better?’
My knees were weak, not from the accident but from the smooth, poetic voice that caressed my ears. As I stared up into the beautiful, dark face of my saviour, letting him lead me to wherever he wanted to go, I felt a sharp pain in my ribs.
The magic of the moment was shattered with a, ‘She’ll be right, mate,’ from the unmistakable Aussie twang from my husband as he elbowed his way between my rescuer and me.
Reluctantly, the man let me go. As I thanked him, my heart sank as he disappeared. I think I loved him for a short time, if not him, then certainly the romance of the situation. In true Aussie form, Noel handed me my bike and said, ‘Come on, let’s go!’ And off we went. I was somewhat shaky, but smiling.



Relationships as Teachers by Trilby Johnson

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Everything you experience in your life, is in relation to something or someone else. It is in many ways the crux with which you define your individuality and from which you will draw on as reference points. Much of our social behaviour is shaped by and through the relationships we have or do not have and how these impact on our sense of self. Read more ->

J.J.Overton's Blog by J.J.Overton

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Watching the world go by.

Dark Age Voices by Anna Chant

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For book news, new releases, history and all things Dark Age!


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I'm an author and welcome you to my world of Fish Soup, of writing, of reading, and everything about great books. Enjoy your taste of Fish Soup.

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Which Witch Are You?

Which Witch Are You?

Which Witch Are You Game?
By taking our 2 minute personality test we will determine which witch best suits your character. Are you cute and innocent like Sabrina, motherly like Samantha, as sensual as Phoebe or as cunning and mean as Endora. Play Now

Christmas Movie Quiz

Christmas Movie Quiz

Christmas Movie Quiz
Can you correctly name these Christmas movies just from an image taken from the film, there is ten in all lets see how well you do. Play Now

Can you complete our Book Titles Crossword?

Book Titles Crossword

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Funny Videos

Pets Earn Their Keep

Pets Earn Their Keep

The poor pets are ordered to earn their keep including the tortoise asked to mow the lawn and the cats to make the bed, I really didn't think the dog would get away with the dodge he tries to pull. Great fun from Pets Add Life team with their voice overs and clever scripts.

The Book In The Freezer

The Book In The Freezer

Clips from the FRIENDS episode dealing with the books The Shining and Little Women, yes Joey really does keep his book hidden in the freezer and from the amount of times I laughed watching this, it is no wonder Friends was such a big hit.

Dog Wants a Kitty

Dog Wants a Kitty

Dog Wants a Kitty by Pets Add Life This big, bad doggie wants a little, fluffy kitty and Pets Add Life do a great voice over or is it really the dog talking... Who knows but it is great fun to watch. We have a few funny videos of pets talking now, so do search our selection for the best of the best.

Pet Interviews - Guinea Pig

Pet Interviews - Guinea Pig

Pets Add Life: Pet Interviews - Guinea Pig. So what would a guinea pig say in an interview, well lets find out by watching this very funny video, I had tears of laughter watching it! Footage of Rory submitted by minipigsDOTcom

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