Anecdote 7

Don't You Know Who I Am?
by Christina Surretsky from NJ
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My story starts when I followed the career of indie author Amanda Hocking who landed a publishing deal. I requested tickets when I heard she was going to be on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show. As part of the request, the form asked “how were you influenced by Amanda?” I wrote about how I was inspired to write by her success.

A few weeks later I got a call from the show asking if I'd like to be the “special surprise ‘super fan’ guest” for Amanda Hocking.

Um, YES!
The day of, I got the star treatment (hair/makeup) and did the requisite producer run-through to make sure I was coherent and concise. There was some stage direction: “Listen, Amanda is great. But she’s very laid back and low key, so you need to bring ALL the energy to this. ALL THE ENERGY! Be PASSIONATE! ENTHUSIASTIC! But be yourself.”
Even though this is the diametric opposite of myself, I agreed.
And there was this piece of additional direction: “When you get onstage HUG Amanda. Even if she doesn’t get up, YOU PULL HER UP! HUG her!”
I even practiced my hug.
Soon I was placed in the audience. Then they brought Amanda out. After a little chitchat between Anderson and Amanda, I was brought up. Given the look on her face, I realized she probably was hoping I wasn’t a stalker who would follow her back to her hotel. (I didn’t. She ditched me.)
As directed, I went up and I HUGGED Amanda Hocking. But, Amanda Hocking, being the professional that she is, was totally cool, in spite of not expecting my hug, my stalking, or me.
This event pushed me to finish my book. So thank you Amanda Hocking for being such an inspiration. If ever see you again, I promise I won’t hug you. Unless you want me to.
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