Anecdote 9

A Horseshoe Brings Good Luck
by Phil from Omaha, Nebraska USA
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The prominent scientist Niels Bohr had a horseshoe hanging over the entrance to his laboratory for good luck. One day a fellow scientist comes to visit, is very surprised to see the horseshoe, and says this:
"Professor Bohr, I am very surprised to see that a scientist of your prominent stature believes in a superstition" To which Professor Bohr replies,
"What superstition? I don't believe in any superstition."
Visitor- "The horseshoe hanging over your doorway. According to superstition it brings good luck."
Bohr-"Oh,that! I don't believe in superstition, and I do not believe the horseshoe brings good luck."
Visitor- "Well then, if you don't believe it brings good luck, why is it hanging there?"
Bohr says this- "They say it brings good luck, even if you don't believe in it."
P.S. It is claimed that Professor Niels Bohr actually had a horseshoe hanging over his doorway.
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