Bride of the Living Dead by Lynne Murray

Bride of the Living Dead by Lynne Murray
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"I hate weddings. If you had an older sister like Sky, you would too. Sky was perfect. Her wedding was perfect. It almost killed her."
"I'm Daria, the rebellious indie film critic, the fat sister. Nobody expected me to get married. Eight years after Sky's wedding, the rose petal perfection of it all still hung over me like a mocking pink cloud. Not that I didn't have a love life or at least a sex life but I'll talk about the Worst Boyfriend Awards later."
San Francisco indie film critic Dara MaClellan is most comfortable in a monster movie poster Tshirt and blue jeans. Yet when she falls in love and plans to marry, family drama hijacks her engagement and she's trapped into a formal wedding with her perfectionist, anorexic sister, Sky, planning the whole thing. Daria adores her fiance, but her wedding seems to be spiraling into a horror film. Will the specter of a picture perfect wedding turn her into the Bride of the Living Dead?
Reviewers and readers rave about the wit and laughter in this romantic comedy:
"Jane Austen meets the Marx Brothers."
Laurie Toby Edison, Photographer, Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes
In Bride of the Living Dead, a contemporary romance celebrates a big, beautiful bride:
"In Lynne Murray's fabulous version of romance, lovers find true pleasure in all body sizes and shapes, wedding dresses are altered to fit the happy bride's body (not bride made to fit brocade), and readers feast on smart detail and smarter dialog."
Marilyn Wann, author of FAT!SO?
Fans of romantic comedy will recognize an attractive, resourceful heroine with indie film attitude and the sharp, pointy wit of comic fiction. Daria has a man she's determined to marry, come hell, high water, family drama or apocalyptic zombie attack!
"From the start you will find yourself cheering for Daria as she overcomes hurdles such as a controlfreak sister, his and her stalkers, and her own nagging self doubt to marry her...

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