Synthetic: Dark Beginning by Shonna Wright

Synthetic: Dark Beginning by Shonna Wright
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Ten years ago, scientific genius Kora Lazar awoke with amnesia at Mirafield Synthetics and since then, it's been nonstop work creating artificial fairies, mermaids, and centaurs for her elite clientele, but never vampires—nasty things—no matter how much money anyone waves in her face.
Now, one week before her wedding to her boss, Kora is leaving work for the first time. Her fiancé, who knows more about Kora's past than he admits, has arranged a visit with her mother, the infamous mutantmaker Ruby Lazar who's rumored to live with a synthetic vampire on a vast gothic estate. Kora longs to remember her life before Mirafield, but is disappointed that her ailing mother only sent for her to perform one task: transplant her brain into the body of a beautiful, synthetic vampire. Kora hates the idea, not only because she loathes vampires, but because she's never performed a brain transplant before.
Mystified why Ruby thinks she can achieve such an impossible feat, Kora snoops around her mother's estate, gathering clues about her past. Her spying drops her straight into the arms of Ruby's beastly vampire, Vaughn, who Kora is determined to hate despite his undeniable hotness. With Vaughn's help, Kora follows a trail left by Ruby's childlike giant that leads into the labyrinthian foundations of the castle. There, in the darkness of her beginnings, Kora uncovers a terrible secret that was hidden years ago, only for her to find....

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